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  1. I watched Social Dilemma and Recommended it to friends and family. I don’t use Social Media at all, and this supported my suspicions and my reason for staying away. I switched my browser to DuckDuckGo a few months ago and have no reason to go elsewhere. Haven’t watched Broadcast Networks in many years, Netflix has lost me, I’m on the fence on YouTube (to pay or not to pay), Amazon Prime still holds some promise. I should thank them all for pushing me away, it’s just a waste of time anyway...
  2. I had started a new career less than two weeks earlier, leaving my family in Houston while searching for a home in Oshkosh. Today happens to be my wife’s, and her Mother’s, birthday. Her Mom was in Houston from CA to help with the house and the kids during the transition, and to spend a shared birthday. I called on the way to my new office to sing Happy Birthday to them. Unaware of what was unfolding. The first tower had already been hit when I arrived. We watched, live, as the second tower was hit. And as the towers fell, we fell silent. When I think about it,
  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences AJ! I have the good fortune of having identity theft protection available through my employer along with heath insurance, etc. Of course, prevention is a better approach. Looks like I have a project for tomorrow....
  4. 👍👍 Navy Vet, I was working as a traveling tech rep for a contractor at the time i was in Mildenhall.
  5. I purchased my trusty c-1 back in ‘88 and it is still faithfully performing for me. I have recapped it, but it has never needed unscheduled service. My m1.0t I purchased new in April ‘89, and I did the mkII mod 02 mods a few years ago. Although I bought it new, had lived a much more storied life in its early years... My m1.0t was purchased at the AAFES store in Mildenhall, England. It was immediately shipped to an old friend and fellow stereo buff in TX for safe keeping until I arrived back in the US. Where it was received, unpacked, plugged in and PS diodes smoked. It wa
  6. xavionics

    My daily commute

    Our commuting costs = $0.00. My office is in the basement, my wife’s office is upstairs. This started long before the COVID pandemic. Only once (so far) did she have to text me to turn the music down. 😁 Having one floor of separation is healthy. Extremely fortunate. Not very picturesque tho.
  7. Incredible! Really good it went so well for you. 👍 I have 2 degenerated discs - c1/C2 and c4/c5. No numbing issues normally, but good to hear replacements can be done with great success. Thanks for sharing!!!! When I saw the title, I thought about a spinal disc, but then thought Nah, gotta be a hard drive issue.🤔
  8. Sounds tasty! We have all but the cherries and will try that in the morning🤔 If we’ll be entertaining, Ill put a small 8 quart cooler (or 2) in the freezer the night before. For the festivities, this has been the most popular concoction: Blender 1/3 full of ice 1/3 cup of tequila (I usually use Cuervo Gold) 1/3 cup of sweet n sour mix 1/3 can of crushed pineapple 2-3 good scoops of pineapple sherbet blend until smooth repeat until cooler is full use a ladle to serve and enjoy! The pre-frozen cooler will keep this froz
  9. Yea, risk is through the roof! Get some perspective - cashiers have a riskier job than you. You guys are so misunderstood! The fans - who work in hospitals, supermarkets, etc. really should be more understanding. Unbelieveable!
  10. Ya know, that’s a funny thing to think about! My wife and I have the good fortune of working from home and we both work in healthcare. Our kids are working too. Our lives haven’t changed much, except we don’t see the kids often. I have enough projects to do to keep me busy long past my natural life expectancy, so boredom isn’t an issue. But we have found ourselves getting a bit edgy. Not at each other, not at anything really. Its just a case of each day being like the last. The gloomy, chilly weather here isn’t helping either. Sometimes we will go fo
  11. Fortunately my wife and I both work from home and have, so far, been largely unaffected by the lockdown. Although we’re getting a bit buggy, and just take a drive in the country to get out of the house occasionally.
  12. For Ladies Only. Next... recognize these? Sorry ‘bout the small pic...
  13. Rippingtons - Killmanjaro Up next...
  14. Welcome back Tomcatcrew! So here’s the thing...nobody comes here to “thin the herd” so to speak. I came to this site looking for guidance in servicing the c-1 and m1.0t I’ve had since new. That was a bit over 10 years ago. I was guided alright. The C-1has been BillD modded and the m1.0t has been upgraded to mkII Opt II. Both performed by me. OCCD came with my membership. I didn’t ask, nobody told me. Amp count is up to, uh, let’s see, 8. A couple preamps. ALSIII’s, one receiver. And that’s just the Carver stuff I’ve accumulated. As has been stat
  15. Pretty good! here’s one band who was ahead of their time...
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