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  1. Ahh, yes, my long lost, beloved Sure V-15 III. I’ve had a couple A-T MM carts since, but they didn’t make me melt into the listening chair like the Sure. I currently run an A-T MC cart, but until I create a VTA mod for my SL-1600, it won’t see a lot of use yet. (it was a bargain too good to pass on).
  2. Ah yes, this has always been the case! I have 3 Sonos Connect devices and a Sonos Bridge feeding them all. One in the main rig, one in the garage system and one in my basement/office system. Hard to beat for convenience, fidelity can be bested though. My main rig Connect feeds an external DAC. That helped. But when I am going to sit, chill, and listen, I stream through my 2009 MacBook feeding the same DAC. I have a dresser full of cd’s but no player worth putting into a system.
  3. I ducked in to see if you guys needed a hand. Judging by all the idle hands I see, mine are obviously not needed.
  4. Sent a quickie word doc. Have some fun with it. I gotta go to the hospital, so you have some time to play.
  5. “Everything looks to be tracking beautifully!”
  6. Hmm, let’s see... I joined way back in Oct 2009. My m1.0t and c-1 I had since new had been giving me an occasional issue. My research brought me here, and a few other places. This is the place I stayed. Folks have come and folks have gone, but the underlying atmosphere of help and sharing have, in my observation, remained. The few folks I’ve met in person through this site have become close personal friends. hopefully, soon, I’ll get to Carverfest to meet more of the good folks here, in person.
  7. That was a great way to kick off a Friday! Thanks!👍👍
  8. Very good! And another speaker builder I see.👍
  9. Welcome Tomkat and howdy neighbor from Oshkosh! Enjoy that MXR150! Just know that you have the opportunity to split that receiver and drive external amps with it.
  10. @Ln310 - thank you for posting this reminder that there are still bright spots of kindness to be found everywhere! @walrusgumboot - well done sir, well done! Cool way to cap off the year. Happy 2021 everyone!
  11. Give him time, there’s plenty of room for the inevitable expansion. 😁 Nice looking setup, congrats on the repairs!
  12. Welcome aboard Terry! Cool story on your first Carver acquisition! Sounds like you’re all set and ready to hunker down for the winter. I grew up in da UP too. I know how they can be. -Lee-
  13. 👍👍 Navy Vet, I was working as a traveling tech rep for a contractor at the time i was in Mildenhall.
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