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  1. Interesting conversation! Nearly exclusively, I stream via Tidal when I want to sit down to listen. My vinyl playback rig needs some tweaking yet to get it dialed in. Now, some of you toss in the Carver 390t and 490t into the mix as the favored playback medium. Damn! Currently, I have NO CD playback gear, save for a near 30 year old Yamaha carousel that lost a shootout between it and my iPad. I have an old dresser full of CDs…. And I’ve been so good about controlling my OCCD. I feel a relapse coming on strong! 😳
  2. In less than two weeks I’ll enjoy my 14th anniversary as a member to this amazing fraternity. I’ve been more of a ‘wall flower’. I pop in daily to check on activities but really only post when I’m either engaged in a project of some sort, or I have some hand I can lend. Or if need guidance. I’ve received far more help from members here than I could ever repay. I’ve met a couple handfuls of members in person and feel I’ve made some close personal friends here. Carver fandom seems to produce a stronger camaraderie than any professional organization I’ve experienced. Some day I’ll get to CarverFest - I promise! Maybe in 2024, after Deb has retired too. 🤞🤞 Days like this one in July are truly cherished….
  3. Good luck with the meeting! Sounds like you may become rather busy if it goes well. Don’t be too put off by the hush. Dialog requires two participants. It’s a great community here. Feel free to join in conversations, or start your own (again).😎 Hell, I joined (holy crap!) 14 years ago, looking for info on my Carver preamp and power amp. They haven’t kicked me out or chased me away yet…. By the way, is your Camaro named Christine?
  4. Excellent idea AJ! I would be in for a shirt or two. Probably a coffee mug as well.
  5. Welcome to the site @Larry2018! Links to areas are across the top under the header. Click Manuals and Specsheets. Scroll down to the Audio-Theater section. You will find an owners manual and a schematics manual for the AV-64. Good luck on the repair! Feel free to share your experience and/or ask questions.
  6. Hey hauntedz28 It happens I have a m1.0t on my bench, preparing a restoration and mods to mkII. Im doing the mods because, well, I have the parts on hand. Otherwise I would just be doing a recap. Here’s my cap list, made by physically checking each one… Each item with a green blob I have on hand. The last 4 are in the power supply. The cost and questionable availability of the 6800uf caps were such that I found it cheaper and easier to order an pre-stuffed adapter assembly from Circuits and Concepts. Les is a member here and has an EBay store. I have one of these assemblies in another m1.0t I reworked 5 or 6 years ago. That amp has been in the main rig since completion and has been flawless. By the way, the m1.0t came in two flavors - inverting and non-inverting. This amp is an ‘non-inverting’ amp, which has the stereo/mono switch on the back. I’m not sure if there are differences in cap values between the two. Hopefully this will help.
  7. Good morning Glenn and welcome aboard! Interesting product line you have. Looks like an excellent solution to a niche market problem. 👍👍 I’m a bit of an auto sound nut also. I just completed recapping my collection of A/D/S amps I pulled from my long-time service Odyssey. Pour another cup of coffee and look around. We’re everything Carver - from Phase Linear to the newest creations that will hit the market within a few weeks!
  8. Sad news indeed. My favorite of all the 'crooners'. Always a class act, on stage or in the studio. Truly a study in how to live a fulfilling fife, taught by example. Godspeed Anthony! Thank you for letting us in on your incredible journey.
  9. Payment sent for services rendered! 🖥 Again, thanks for all you do Greg!
  10. After 4 consecutive days of returning to my workout, I went from 256.4 to 258.8. Turning some of the fat back to muscle perhaps? No worries, just keep at it. Feeling better already. Oh yea. Had Taco Bell (way beyond normal dinner time) last night didn't help I'm sure.
  11. When I have been berated online, I think back to this and try to stay off the keyboard: Around a dozen years ago I took a two-day class held by a former employer titled "Writing better notes and e-mails". Now, my parents spent the money on us kids and sent us to parochial school for a better elementary education. I consider my self to be at least average with the English language. Hell, I can still digram a f'n sentence to this day! But in this class, the deep-seated theme was the fact that in written conversation there are no facial expressions, no vocal inflections, no body language, etc. So, when you write, you MUST be CLEAR in your intent! Or, sometimes I find its just better to shut the hell up.
  12. I'm sharing this, so if anyone reading it is experiencing similar issues, maybe it will help them with a direction to go... Stats as of yesterday morning: 5' 10 1/2" 256.4 lbs 64 years old A few years ago, I had my first real physical - ever. I had finally found a doctor I liked at one of the clinics I supported. I had a laundry list of concerns. written down on my phone so I wouldn't forget any of them. Mostly lack of energy and inability to focus. I couldn't get anything done at home. I don't know how the hell I functioned at work. When I checked in for my visit, my formerly "just over 200lb" body weighed in at around 270. WHAT!? My BP was a bit high but within spec, cholesterols were within spec (barely) as well. Heart rate, respiration, etc - all good. Bloodwork revealed a couple key ingredients were, well, shall I say lacking. Like nearly non-existent. (If anyone wants the specifics they can PM me) Getting these issues rectified via supplements - one via prescription, the rest are OTC, got my blood back to normal. My head followed. I created a regimen of exercises to strengthen my core, primarily, to help with some neck pain I deal with and have for decades. Added to this are some routines to strengthen the rest of me. Resistive exercises with things I assembled in my basement from Physical Therapy elastic straps and bungee cords. Over the course of the following year, I got down under 250 and lost nearly 2" in my waist. My head was clear, my neck didn't hurt, my posture was greatly improved and I felt great! The veins in my arms even returned! I'm speaking in past tense because, well, I got off my routine when I "retired" in September. Yesterday, thanks to this thread, I finally started to get back into my routine. I had only gained around 10 lbs back but I gained a lot in the waist. And my neck is bothering me again too. My goals - to not be in pain and to have my chest stick out further than my gut. I plan on doing this through both exercise and diet. Deb is on board too. A friend of mine had a sign at the bottom of his basement stairs that read "The only workout you regret is the one you didn't do" I thought of that on those days I didn't feel like doing my workout, and was inspired to just do it. Good luck to all who take this on!
  13. Hey Greg, just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all you do! I know from first-handed experience, working behind the scenes can feel lonely and thankless. TheCarverSite continues to be the place I kick off my day.👍👍
  14. Welcome aboard Gary! I see you are already infected with OCCD - Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder. You are in stage one - anger (pissed off😉) Next comes denial - no, I really NEED more gear…. Finally comes acceptance. Yep, I got more gear than rooms to equip, etc. It’s okay. Somewhere within the wall of the site is a thread - something on the order of “how many amps do you have”. You are amongst friends here.😎 Enjoy the ride! oh, and beware the ‘enablers’….
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