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  1. Maggie MGIIa's in series for center channel - Holy crap, that's brilliant! Welcome! You'll fit in very well here...👍
  2. Seems to be the case with the pro amps. Poor things take a beating!
  3. Currently, my 'go to' track is Stalin Malone off the Elvis Costello Album Spike. From the snap of the snare to the textures of the brass to the pprrraatt of the tuba.... After the performance, they may remain (or may no longer be) my dream speakers.
  4. Wouldn’t that be managerial puttering? 😁
  5. Welcome aboard tankdcrank! This site is about Carver stuff, but all gear is appreciated. Pull up a chair, pour a cold beverage of your choice, and consider what your goals might be in a Carver system. You’ve found the mother-load of info here, glad you found us! You’ll be able to post pics after a small bit of activity. Please feel free to describe what you have and/or what you seek.
  6. Patience and scouring eBay will eventually yield the Carver Autosound system dreams are made of. It took over two years to create the a/d/s system I used to have in my Odyssey…
  7. I placed an order yesterday for new electrolytic caps for my ALS III’s. I went cheap on this event, not opting for higher-end caps. One of these crossovers has taken out a channel on two different amps…🤨
  8. Ah yes, an understandable assumption. Yes, we are all Carver fans, but we appreciate all things audio. I have recapped a few vintage Pioneer amps for a friend who has built an impressive collection of their late ‘70s era silver face gear. We’re a pretty inclusive group here. Feel free to show off what you have! 👍👍
  9. Welcome aboard @Tuesfurioza! Yes, mostly home audio guys but there are a few car audio buffs here. I’m one of them. 😁 I have an extensive collection of A/D/S gear I’ve accumulated. I just wasn’t aware of Carver car audio at the time. I’ve recapped my amps recently and did a burn in on some speakers in my basement shop. The ADS amps will rival most good home audio gear. I’m sure those Carver car amps will too!
  10. I dig my old work printer out today to use in my basement. I connected it to my laptop to set it up. The only usb/printer cable I had handy was this one from AudioQuest. Now it will only print images of Diana Krall, Dire Straits or Steely Dan.
  11. What a great video! EveAnna reveals her deep understanding of her craft. Just like Bob does. I hope additional esteemed designers follow suit with similar videos. Videos like this serve well to explain the difference between listening and measuring. The internet has a few who measure. Too bad they are so loud in their voice. The real world has, I dare say, millions who actually listen. Schaumburg will be hosting many in a few weeks.
  12. Welcome aboard Kevin! The manuals are available under the ‘Manuals and Spec sheets tab along the top. Good info in there. Includes schematics and a couple service bulletins. I have a m1.0t on my bench right now. Just did a recap and upgraded the binding posts. LOTS of experience here. You found the right place for sure. Dont hesitate to ask questions. Folks here are happy to help! Oh, and please tell us what other gear you have. Pictures are always welcome!
  13. Problems were resolved and the site resumed operation Friday, 01-19 2024. Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding!
  14. Welcome aboard @Johnny_Law! Tell us of your other gear, musical tastes, etc. You should be able to add pics now too. As for the TFM, start a repair thread in the Amplifier section. Describe the symptoms, your capabilities and test gear, etc. That will be the best launch pad to your journey.
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