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  1. Hello Everyone,

    My full name is Rob Wynschenk and I am living in the Netherlands.

    I am a retired now, before that I was a teacher/engineer in electronics and hydraulics. 

    I am enjoying music all my live, I played classical guitar in an ‘unplugged’ trio for more than 15 years. I did build my own transistor amps, speakers and did a lot of modifications in all kinds of audio gear.

    I have no experience in tube gear, but I love the approach and design philosophy of Bob Carver. His personality (openness and ‘broad’ thinking), as I have witnessed in numerous YouTube video’s, is quite appealing to me.

    For the first time in my life, I am considering buying a tube amp, the Black Magic 25.

    I hope this community can give me good arguments for choosing this amp.

    My current amp is a Cyrus one Class D 100Watt and I have two sets of speakers, Monitor Audio (Gold series) and electro static speakers (Adiostatic ES100) and two Rel subs (T5x).

    I am also experimenting with (self-build) ground box earthing with verry good results. I never enjoyed the audio prestation (3D sound stage) of my system so much as I do now with the ground boxes installed. 

    Maybe the Black Magic will make things even better?



    Rob Wynschenk


    By the way, did Bob Carver experiments with ground boxes? As a physicist he maybe come to interesting results.

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    2. Wynschenk


      Thank you for your reply!

      This is my first encounter with a community site.

      How do I find the 'welcome shop' ? 

    3. wrf


      There are three basic sections of the home page.  First one is the sound rooms.  Then there are two sections, each showing recent Audio related posts and then General topic posts.


      Beneath the General topic posts are all the forums.  The first one is the Welcome Shop.  You can start the adventure there.  It's also fun to explore all the other forums.



    4. AndrewJohn


      Welcome, @Wynschenk, glad you found us.  There's a lot of information, here.  A bit like the a large library..., but once you get your bearings, it's easy.  I like to use Search to find things - keep trying different keywords and combinations of them.  Search is in the upper right corner. 


      And, truly great to have someone from the Netherlands join.  There are several members on the site from Europe.  

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