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  1. hello All ! Olskool here …bought a Carver C-19 preamp today …Being shipped ..fingers crossed it gets here  undamaged ,,,unlike my last two items Ive had shipped . Been doing this for years and had very little problems until last week .

      The Carver TFM55x had one handle smashed sideways and right channel scratchy and hums barely plays  …

      waiting on FedX for ins adjustment ..hope it isnt too badly damaged .! Both items were not packed so well …

      When I ship something out it is packed as good as i can get it and its not going to be moving around inside the box ,,that is for  sure . Crunched up paper is NOT packing material . imo

    1. Ar9Jim


      Heavy items with poor packing materials have sure been common.

      The C19 is not so heavy. The C19 is one of the best. Enjoy!

    2. Olskool


      Oh yes so true ..people are in too big of a hurry .

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