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  1. I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who welcomed me to the forum. On a side note, regarding the reason I stumbled into the doorway....... The M1.0t I was looking to repair is waiting to hear back from the customer, to see if he wants to pursue the repair. I found one shorted output, a 2SB1163, and the triac which refuses to pass current and reads 90ohms from the gate to T1....T2 is open to both pins T1 and the gate. I set up a quick test jig and it wouldn't light my lamp. I saw one on eBay for $40. We'll see what the customer wants to do Then there is the issue of do I replace one output or the entire stack....I can get 2 used Matsushita for about $10 I'll take pics and let you all know how it came out, I assume the customer will OK the repair Thanks again Kevin G.
  2. I bumped into your site this evening after having an M1.0t throw a curveball at my 60 years of experience with power switches. (The contacts open to turn the amp on!) I know, you already know I had my own shop for 8 years in New Haven, '72-'80, Factory service for Sherwood, HK, Nikko, Onkyo, Fender, Gibson, Moog, Infinity, Hitachi basically anything sold in Southern Ct. Then tech at Tech Hi-Fi, Service Manager-Head Tech at Absolute Audio (4 stores), Sounds Alive (7 stores) fixed VCRs for a couple years then 20 years of PCs, Phew! Retired now, part time back to fixing the same stuff I was factory service for in the '70s and '80s at the local record store. I even took in 2 pieces with my old store's stickers on them, I gave 'em a 3 month warranty on the work, I guess 40+ years means I did OK. I remember being Carver service at Tech Hi-Fi but they weren't selling Cubes, no magnetics, or if they did, nobody broke one. If I can't figure this M1.0t out in a day or 2 I'll be back, well heck, I'll be back either way. Thanks for letting me in Kevin G
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