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  1. Well I don't know what I did wrong but it's just not running right after installation of the new parts. I'm not very good with electronics so I sent it off to a repair shop. I hope he can get it straightened out. He's going to look into fixing the broken button while he's at it. Hope he can fix that too. Crossing my fingers!
  2. Well until I broke a button, that is... So here's my story: I live in Southern Maine now. Back in 1988 I purchased an MXR150 receiver when I lived in Mansfield Mass from a department store called Lechmere. It came with the walnut veneer wood sideboards which I thought was pretty good looking. Then about 15 years ago, as an amateur woodworker, I thought I could do even better so I cut 2 slabs out of some Brazilian cherry I had and copied the original boards exactly. I finished them in 3 coats of semigloss urethane. The result was spectacular. I think I might have the most gorgeous Carver receiver ever (unless someone else did the same thing and outdid my Brazilian cherry wood). I will upload a photo when I get permission. So I've always kept this unit in pristine condition. I still have the original box which I use whenever I move, and I have the original FM antenna. The manual is somewhere in storage (I hope). The only problem is the sound of this receiver has been getting lousy. I figured it needed new capacitors and luckily I found the refurb kits on Ebay by Circuits and Concepts. I'm still waiting for the kits to arrive but I got the instructions and figured I'd start pulling some of the old caps and resistors. So I'm flipping the unit over and my hand accidentally crunched the video/dad button. The plastic on these things are obviously old and very brittle! I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with broken knobs or buttons... So my question right now is is this button available anywhere? And is it possible to change it out? It looks like it's very difficult to access it, there's so much wiring and stuff to dismantle in the display panel. Any advice?
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