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  1. Thanks again for the warm welcome, Everyone. Here are more details and pictures. The TLM-3600 is out of rotation due to malfunction. Sonic Holography Receiver HR-752 MFP Amplifier TFM-25 TDR-2400 Dual Cassette Deck TLM-3600 10 Disc CD Player Tascam CD-RW900 Mk II Yamaha YP-701 TT (Ortofon 15XE MK II) Polk Audio RTA 11t Tower Speakers
  2. Welcome to the site! im new here also!

  3. Thanks For the welcome, Everyone! I have reached the Novice status quickly and easily. Looking forward to your input and guidance in keeping this fine Carver equipment chugging along.
  4. New here. I've had a Carver system for years, but I'm going to need some help from the seasoned vets to keep it going! Sonic Holography HR-752 (amplification bypassed) TFM-25 MFP amplifier TDR 2400 Cassette deck TLM-3600 10 disc CD player Polk Audio RTA 11t tower speakers
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