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  1. I walked 200 ft today in PT (pain & torture).

    im hoping to get home soon!  I also climbed the staircase 2x.    I feel good, looking forward to a good meal at home soon! My brother brought me coffee yesterday!  

    im figuring either end of this week or early next week I’ll be home listening to tunes.



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  2. Some of you know I fell a while back, I spent a week in hopkins hospital.  I am out and in an inpatient rehab facility.  I hope to be up on my feet soon.  Nothing is broken but a lot of damage to my muscles!  My chemotherapy is on hold until I can get out on my own!  


    i need a beard trim!



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  3. Thank you all for the Birthday greetings, it was a quiet day here watching football.  We are postponing celebrating until next weekend, a few brothers still have COVID and I’m super careful.



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  4. Nelion is your best bet!  Greg does excellent work!  If you need a local tech,  Just-Audio is one of the last ones in the area.


    I hope this helps!


    I am retired myself due to health issues.  

    I’ll forward your info to Greg Viggiano, he has an open house in January for all of us local carver enthusiasts.  He lives in Alexandria VA.  He was last talking about MLK weekend! 


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