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  1. Welcome to the site!  You have found a great group of folks here.  Kick off your shoes, grab your favorite beverage, turn up the volume and enjoy your stay!  There is a lot of information here, BTW when you have enough posts!  We love photos of your gear!


    Enjoy your stay, don’t be afraid to ask questions, there is a wealth of knowledge in our borg collective!


    live long and prosper 🖖!



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  2. Update:  some of you know I’ve been having a very tough time on chemo!  It’s been destroying my white blood cell count!


    my oncologist is starting a different treatment starting Friday, also Friday I get the results of how the last four weeks is on killing the myeloma cells.  

    hard to believe it’s been 3 months of treatment.  It sure is getting old.


    my new treatment could be worse, he is hoping not.  Trying to get where I am not in continuous isolation.  I can’t have visitors or go out other than medical treatments.  I really do miss working!  

    im hoping new treatment will allow me more energy do I can return to projects!  I have a few items to sell if I ever get back to them.


    My daughters have been great support, not seen them in a long time but talk with them s lot.  Amanda my oldest has Covid, and my younger one Melissa, is showing symptoms.


    I do appreciate all the well wishes, even though I do not post much, I pop in here daily!


    til next time!


    Live long and Prosper! 🖖

  3. Hmmmm a new rabbit hole!


    I can find the extended version of ‘baby shark’  lol NOT!  Let me peruse my vinyl, I do have a few doubles!  I might have a copy of Pink Floyd ‘the wall ‘ I can send your way! 

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  4. Update:  I am doing ok, I have a lot of neuropathy from the chemo , otherwise I am doing ok.  Frustrated that I cannot work until I reach remission.


    My younger daughter Melissa started a go fund me page.  If anyone is interested send a message I can forward the link.



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  5. BTW, may my red Prius Rest In Peace!

    2010 -2017. Someone made an illegal left turn causing me tee-bone him.  Neither car survived, my passenger was hurt worse than I!  I miss that car, my current orange  Prius does not meet the standards of the old Prius!


    I have fond memories of that trip to the mountain.  I hope to make it next year!



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  6. 1 hour ago, don said:

    Very sorry to hear Barry. Only had the pleasure to meet up with you once at CF during the Prius debacle. Have you considered the option of having your oncologist partner with MD Anderson in Texas? There are dozens of studies underway at MD Anderson in regards to various types of blood cancers.

    Will certainly put you on our prayer list. 

    Hi Don,

    the treatment program I am in is partnered with Johns Hopkins oncology!  I am confident I will be treated successfully.  I had a very good day of treatment today.  Yesterday was one of those rare bad days, so far most days are good!  I appreciate all the prayers, I really do think prayer helps a lot!



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