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Everything posted by BarryG

  1. I think many of us are the same way. SNOW, nice collection of speakers! Happy listening!
  2. Very crazy indeed! How much intoxication do you think is involved? bizarre! Shaking my head in disbelief!
  3. The first Album I bought was Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles, Some years later first CD was Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen followed shortly by Darkside Of The Moon
  4. ^^This^^ agreed! the wall and abbey road are also very close!
  5. Very nice clean shop, beautful car, and and awesome sound system. The perfect man cave. I thought my mechanics shop was clean. Enjoy he tunes and Unleash the fury!
  6. I would also like to welcome you to the site. You will learn a lot from all your new found friends. Most of us share this OCCD !!!
  7. I agree with Dom. plus she has such a unique voice and projects a lot of emotion............... I agree also, I think I will second the waiting for vinyl!
  8. looks like fun, lol! Give that man a cowl and utility belt, he earned it!
  9. I use a slab of marble under mine and it works well for my music hall TT. I think my turntable has layers of sorbothane or other damping material to isolate the platter, also my motor is not mounted on the turntable.
  10. Welcome Terry, you have found a wonderful place to be. These guys will answer quetions for you. Greg is very helpful with a refurb or an upgrade. It is great to meet others who share in OCCD!
  11. I'll fourth that nomination. Greg has been very helpful! Brian (B-man) is also deserving, especially with his well planned C-1 upgrade processes manual.
  12. Congratulations! I am a little over 25% of the way there myself!
  13. It does sound like a great week! Enjoy the cigars, Enjoy the music, Rock the neighborhood !!! Enjoy the time with your son, I have introduced my daughters to Carver and Vinyl. Life is good.
  14. "Go ahead, make my day"; Sudden Impact 1983, said by Harry Callahan played by Clint Eastwood. Fourth film in the Dirty Harry series! It was written by Charles B. Pierce.
  15. Record and Tape traders in Towson area of Baltimore County had a few of them left in January. They sold them for $199.00 which is a great deal, which is why I got it, price was too good to pass. I also love the hardbound book. This set also has all the inserts for the white album, the cardboard cutout insert on sgt pepper and the book for magical mystery tour. However the prints of the 4 beatles in the white album are not as good as the original, The original were very glossy like a real photo print way back when there was nothing but a stamped serial number on the front cover. I remember
  16. I am enjoying my Beatkes Boxed set in 180 gm Vinyl! It also has a very nice color hardbound photo book.
  17. Very nice collection! I usually share my music with family and they share music with me. I inherited not only my brothers music when he passed, but all his electronics too. Which piece by piece was upgraded to Carver. His old set up had something called an Omni-sonic Imager which was similar to sonic holography, but it stopped working. But that is what got the whole interest started for me. Not a complaint, but when my children come to visit from Tennessee, they end up with a few of my cd's. I am very glad they like my music. Now they each have a small Carver setup too.
  18. Makes you womder where we all would be if he would have been successful at buiding his transmitter. I loved watching this post! Thanks for posting!
  19. I would like to be in as well, however, I am a newbie so its up to you if I am in!
  20. Very nice setup. I would love to hear your speakers. They look great. I also have Maggie IIIa's , A comparison definitely would be interesting.
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