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  1. Mahalo for the warm welcome and detailed reply. The main trouble I see is that while iʻm fine with soldering and desoldering, I think the schematics in the PM1400 manual are a bit outside my ability. I think getting a replacement amp while I plod through and learn to read it is probably sound advice. Mahalo!
  2. I have a couple of PM 1400s and PM 950s that are slowly starting to stop working. One of my PM 1400s doesn't appear to power on (i'll have to check it again now that I know about the protection circuit). One of my PM-950s has clip protection going off on Channel 2 much earlier than Channel 1. I'm hoping to get either one or both repaired but given that I'm in a remote area of Hawaii, I may have to do it myself. I don't see much info available on these models, can anyone give me guidance on where to start? Are parts even available if I need them? mahalo nui loa
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