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  1. CT-Seven


    Thankfully I was able to lay my father to rest on 08/06, I still don’t know how but the process was fairly quick and they where able to let me bury him whole (vs the flying rumors of having to cremate the COVID patients). Thank you all for the support and great wishes. I did have a small snag on the journey but his immense pool of friends and colleagues along with some family and some Postal friends we where able to clear the deficit needed. Hoping to be back in here soon with you guys
  2. CT-Seven


    The song sums up what we are... just Dust In the Wind
  3. CT-Seven


    This was his favorite, so if you have a moment give this a spin and say "This is for you Jose"
  4. CT-Seven


    I regret to inform that tonight at 7:48pm my father has passed on. Thank you all for your support. They tried all they could, they gave him all the treatments under the sun. So I am glad that atleast they gave it all.
  5. Ah... oka luckily I was not the only onw
  6. CT-Seven


    They had to change the antibiotics as the other one was not doing much. The CT scan was to see if the Neumonía had caused something on his lungs that was preventing the antibiotics to get there. There is 1 lung thats working better than the other one. One thing I really want is for them to shave him as before the whole thing started he was going for like a big beard and he still has it and I would much rather him not have it
  7. I logged in to find my profile picture changed thats is odd I did not change it
  8. CT-Seven


    The information has slowed down and he does not want to tell me to not worry me but I have a meeting with the Doctor and he is goijg to give me the gist of everything and tell me where we currently stand. Thank you all for your support
  9. No, but I will keep an eye out for it, I saw that is on Kindle and I tried that once, read one book and I was more fatigued than reading a real book though I did enjoy this book.
  10. Thats good to know as I thought I was the only wierdo around these parts 🤫🤣
  11. We love the Audio because it stimulates our minds and sound fantastic. But do you also read? I am an avid Maritime Historian, and have amassed a nice 140 book ocean liner library (no its not all Titanic) Currently I am reading one of my latest finds White Star by Roy Anderson (1964)
  12. CT-Seven


    Well he is still making small positive strides he still has a long way To go. They gave him plasma from a Covid Survivor they say its the new way to help the cure
  13. CT-Seven


    Thanks Rob 🥰👍
  14. CT-Seven


    The doctor called me to let me know that my fathers lungs are very compromised due to the neumonía and the COVID, they where going to transfer him to a higher level of care. This morning he face-timed me and he seemed very cheery and managed to sneak in a joke, so I can say that he is doing a little better.
  15. I have an XBOX ONE S as a dedicated Blue Ray, it will do 4K but it will not play SACD
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