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  1. Came here looking for information on a pair of Pre-Amps that I had just purchased, hence my member name. Then I came back because of a very dead M-500 (it even had caught fire at some point too) the late Bill D revived it and another M-500(t) that I picked up later that same year. this is the only site that I always keep coming back to everyday (besides the USPS employee portal 😉) there is always good topics brewing and it’s nice to see new faces pop in once in a while too.
  2. I too read but I am more focused on Ocean Liners that crossed the Atlantic between 1900’s to the 1960’s (wanted to be a maretime historían) I am currently reading
  3. Zumbo happy birthday man, wishing you all the best for you and your family on your special day!
  4. Thank you guys had the opportunity to have the day off today, just had a lazy day in bed as my work week was very hectic to the political mail
  5. Take me I am all yours 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. I have an XBOX ONE S as a dedicated Blue Ray, it will do 4K but it will not play SACD
  7. DADDY COOL... Daddy Cool
  8. Wow talk about shell shock, but I am certain you can overcome and rise from the ashes!! We are all here for you.
  9. No offense taken but I have decided to do a separate thread on the matter to not derail this thread from the potential members who what to take advantage of the XM offer
  10. I deliver a bunch of their letters every day if they can reach you on the phone or email they will resort to snail mail
  11. LT that unit looks very good!! Should sell pretty fast. Dennis great job as always
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