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  1. Ironically I too have my own dose of USPS fail where is my package (grumble, grumble) The seller did refund me. So no biggie
  2. Im living the SAD LIFE as I have no more beer
  3. I'll be back in the high life again... After a 12 hour shift it just hit the spot
  4. This is awsome!! Glad to hear all these great news
  5. Well that new blade on Walmart was 7 something dollars so what do I do well I go out and buy another circular saw for 7 dollars. Its a black and decker 7391 and it accepts the bigger 7-1/4 blades I got with the other saw. So the plan is to clean them up and sell the older Wizard Saw, I would not want to because its suuuper mint!!
  6. Someone told me to saw a small piece of wood and stop that way the blade is jammed and I can removed the blade
  7. I really do not, but I cannot disregard free, I tossed up the two blades for the same 10.00 asking price and I have someone coming over tomorrow to pick them up. My only other question is this saw does not have a brake so rhe blade spins if I want to remove the blade, is there an old school trick to prevent the blade from spinning? In order to remove the nut? I found this one https://www.walmart.com/ip/HART-6-1-2-inch-24-Tooth-Circular-Saw-Blade/459364951 I just have to find a way to install the new one
  8. The blade it has now says its a 1/2 Arbor, whilst the others say they are universal arbor
  9. More investigating yeah the 7 1/4 blades will not fit, so I plan to throw up the two blades up for sale to buy a proper 6 1/2 blade for it
  10. I have been cleaning out my closet, and I have been very messy with stuff in boxes and whatnot, so I decided to tidy up and put all my power tools in their cases but I realized that one was full of random tools. So I need a tool box, jump on the offer up and I found one for $10.00 went to pick it up but the kid offered me a circular saw for free with 3 blades. Never owned one so I said sure. Its definitely vintage from the 50's-60's its all metal made by a company called WIZARD its a 6.5" Saw, now here are my questions. Why 3 blades? The one installed is a black and decker 5.5 combination blade, then the other one is 7 1/4 Combination/Framing industrial carbide 16 teeth. The last blade bares no markings but it looks to be the same 7 1/4 size but with more teeth. Is there a benefit to having either or blade more teeth = more better and the biggest question I have if my saw is a 6.5 saw will the 7 1/4 blades fit? No pictures but its a WIZARD BE4001B56
  11. CT-Seven


    Thank You for the offer but I still dont have a place for them here maybe some day before I go into the hole in the ground I will have my Mancave ahem! Man Office or Man Room 🤣
  12. CT-Seven


    That would look pretty bad ass framed up B
  13. Charlie I dont know what to really say in this time of uncertainty but I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Hoping for the best. Lots of love, Bryan
  14. Yeah its funny how things have to be extra complicated for no darn reason sometimes
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