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  1. Thanks Charlie for the great offering and Kevin for the win!! Love this place!!
  2. Woot!!! Woot!!! Congrats!! NOW LET HER RIP!!
  3. Great Karma, not in as I love my "Digital" sources. Good Luck to all
  4. Have you tried going into the ONSCREEN menu? Like the one you see on your TV? If I remember correctly in mines I could go in and change a SLEW of things on the fly using the onscreen menu
  5. Jejeje!!! Was going to get on here as I am still jamming out to that little $8 Kenny ? and come to find this out thank you guys!! Yesturday was great a nice 11 hour shift but it was worth it came home to a homemade lasagna and a cake made by my 5 y/o daughter (mommy helped a bit) so it was great. Still looking for a f****ing box to send my M-500 to get MKIIed as that was my present to myself (told the wife the Carver needed some TLC) and she ate it up. But again thank you all for the great wishes and yes to many more!!
  6. Most of these can be found on Offer up for next to nothing if you search, I would cap myself at $200 if I was doing this endeavour
  7. I use a YAMAHA RX-V2700 it has hdmi plus the option for the IPOD dock which I since converted to bluetooth. Here is a thread from 2014 and other members chiming in that they had also used the 2700 as the brains of their systems.
  8. Thats why I told the wife dont care we are closing up and getting ready aint no way that big of a storm is making a BLEEPING 90 degree right turn and says peace out, what if it just wants to go straight like its been doing for the past couple of days huh!? Yeah thats my 2:00 am rant!!
  9. Ive jumped quite a bit im sitting on 46 now I think this is the home stretch
  10. So a few days ago my buddy sends me this that they are giving away a Nintendo Switch to the top 10 who share the contest the most. At first I was like naa its BS but as the days passed I was slowly creeping up in the standings to now I am sitting at number 96 I know its still a stretch from the top 10 but its worth a try. I know my daughter wants one so it would be really cool if I got it through here. Is not a virus or anything like that just go into the link and click ENTER HERE with your name and email and thats all. and thank you https://playfulstudios.com/new-super-luckys-tale?referral=bGNsfxD&refSource=copy
  11. Titanic's sistership the RMS OLYMPIC used a dazzle paint while being used as a Troop Transport in WWI. I recommend a book Liners in Battledress goes into this topic.
  12. @AndrewJohn and @BarryG your memory is not that bad yet The thread in question was made by myself a while back. Not to derail this wonderful thread DaddyJT made but its here if anyone wants to check it out again
  13. Pardon my dumbness but I see no pic?!? ??
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