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  1. Contact Greg. Send him a PM @Nahash5150. I know he has a bunch of fans -- if the fire didn't get them.
  2. This play list was put out by the Arizona AV Club today. We aren't under quarantine yet, but a lot of the old farts in Scottsdale are staying home listening to tunes.
  3. I have a pair of LRS's. They need a sub and some fairly serious power, but sound great. I run them with an M-1.0t mk II. I tried them with the CF275 and there just wasn't much there. Stay over about 200 honest watts/channel and they are great. Especially for the price. Oh, and I use a Sunfire TS EQ sub with them.
  4. The Unicorns have been rounded up and organized. All Sunfire manuals and schematics are now available on the site. No whining allowed, a better access mechanism is in the pipeline, but at least you can get to them. Many thanks to Dennis Miller, Dominic Zumbini and a very generous fellow named Rolando. Without them, our Unicorns may have been lost or hopelessly scrambled. Where are they you may ask? And before you ask, that's right. You gotta select the Carver Equipment Database to get to the Sunfire Manuals. And at the bottom of the Carver Manuals page is a tab labeled Sunfire. Click that for all the Owners Manuals and Schematics we could find. There is still lots of sales material and spec sheets that will come along some day.
  5. Dennis and I have achieved something of a milestone with the manuals. There are now about 200 Carver manuals available here on the site. They are mostly the same manuals that were available on the old site, but a few have been added or replaced with higher quality scans. Over the coming days we will be posting the new manuals folks have donated over the past few years. There are quite a few. We will also be posting the higher quality scans that have been provided. It remains an ongoing project, so be patient. One we get the tools we need, the Phase Linear and Sunfire material will also be posted. This will include the elusive Sunfire schematics. Many thanks to the members that have worked over the years to collect, organize and maintain this material. It represents an incredible body of knowledge as well as many man hours of work. Enjoy the Manuals.....
  6. Just getting my feet wet on this. Looks like its going to be a somewhat tedious process. We are starting to get rolling, so be patient. Progress will be in fits and starts as we have time available. You are in the unique position of peering in over our shoulders watching things get built. I suspect we will declare success from time to time on various portions, but until then, be assured that work is ongoing and testing will be done. One stinking typo and you get no manual or the wrong manual. Patience. Hold any bug reports until some level of success had been declared. More later.
  7. The 8 caps in the middle are a bit tall and can contact the bottom cover. They all have clear plastic insulators on them, but those 8 get an extra rubber pad (not tape).
  8. My system has undergone considerable change in the past few months. Speakers, preamp, and amp. The only constant has been the Transporter and the Sunfire sub. Both amps deserve a careful listening session before I come to any conclusions. Informal listening reveals considerable difference between the two, but more time is needed. I'll post a serious comparison in a few weeks. I posted this thread because the BAT has such an overwhelming physical presence, particularly when warmed up. The pictures show this, but not nearly to the degree of actually being in the same room with this beast.
  9. Picked up an amp the other day. Sounds glorious on the Spatial Audio M-3 Turbos. Anybody recognize it? Also does a great job as a space heater.
  10. Here are a set from my stash. tube preamp schematic #4.pdftube preamp schematic #3.pdftube preamp schematic #2.pdftube preamp schematic #1.pdf You can also find them cleverly hidden in the preamp section under Sunfire. https://thecarversite.com/topic/14880-sunfire-vacuum-control-center-schematics/ Someday we may actually get the Sunfire schematics organized.
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