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  1. Happy Birthday Dom! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day.......grin
  2. Thanks for the migration to a STABLE OS! I appreciate your hard work in making this site happen........grin
  3. Have you thought about getting some fabricated? Some of the people on this site have done that for faceplates of some of the Carver gear. Might be a little pricey but you may be able to sell the leftovers. Just a thought..........grin
  4. This is standard in most Linux Distros. It reads and writes MS docs just fine........grin
  5. That is one of the reasons I like my Yamaha receiver RX-A830 and my previous Yamaha receivers. I like changing the names to tell me what my source is.....Sony VHS, Sony Beta, Sony 8mm.........grin
  6. I realize AMD is not perfect either, but I have always liked them and I use them in every PC I own. Some of these issues are part of being the dominate leader in the industry, like Windows. And AMD is cheaper.....grin
  7. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you enjoy it.......grin
  8. Nice Karma guys! I'm in with 32......grin
  9. I am in the process of running my HT with an M1.5t for the front left/right, and 5 - M200t's for the individual surround speakers and center channel. I did it because I thought it would be cool and I would have balanced (the same) watts/channel for each speaker and have plenty of power for the movies, concerts, and games. I am curious now to hear how it sounds but I still have construction and amplifier work to do.........grin.
  10. Thank you for posting this here! I am in the process of reading it now and will d/l it at home later..........grin
  11. @Maddmaster @Nahash5150 Dom has mentioned this before about the sound stage changing when using amps in bridge mode. I haven’t listened to amps long enough in bridge mode to determine that for myself but I believe it........grin
  12. It’s nice to see threads about the music we enjoy. When we spend so much time and money on talking about and obtaining the gear, we do it for the music, the pure pleasure and enjoyment of listening to it. Thanks to everyone who has started a thread about music........grin
  13. That’s a good one.......grin. Really @Daddyjt? ........grin. Smokin is one of my favs that gets the volume turned up to at least 12:00 on the C-1........grin
  14. Thanks for the offer! I will have to pass on these piece of Schitt, since I purchased a piece of Schitt (Modi Multibit) from OTD and I am currently using it. I don't use headphones so I have no need of that piece of Schitt. Good luck on the sale of your Schitt...........grin
  15. Who does that? I thought it was all about the music.........
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