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  1. If you have an original, that is as good as it gets. You could try scanning it in and editing it to make it more legible and repost it on the site for everyone……grin
  2. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  3. Welcome Brent! You have a nice starter collection of amplifiers to refurbish and enjoy. Hopefully you have some speakers in mind to hook them to and music sources too! Glad to have you aboard the OCCD train……the train that never stops……..grin
  4. I use a Motorola 8600 cable modem with a PFSense firewall and Dell switches with ASUS routers as Wireless access points for my different networks. I have always used my own modems and routers/waps because I didn’t want to pay the rental and I wanted control of the device to adjust for my own use. The pay for themselves in less than 3 years, usually in two. I had to call and give them my modem Mac and once they typed it in I got connected. I enjoy the flexibility I have with this setup. They provide the service, I do what I want to with it……grin
  5. Welcome KevinL! Great deal you found on that M1.5t. I would recommend getting it refurbished. Nelion Audio has refurbished several amplifiers for me and he does great work. After he is done with it, it will sound good for another 30 years……..grin
  6. I use a Schitt multi modi DAC for my needs. It sounds good in my system…….grin
  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! It was a busy working birthday but a good one with Captain Morgan Private Stock to finish the day….
  8. It was. I rotated tubes in my tube amplifier with my granddaughter helping me…….grin
  9. Actually it was Captain Morgan Private Stock……grin
  10. I think you have a DOUBLE @Rob @allflehisequalwhenburntcode red………😂
  11. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s on this site. I hope you have a blessed day with your family and they enjoy the time together with you. You are blessed to have family…..
  12. Welcome to the site! You will great techs and information for those speakers should you refurbish them. Thanks for joining!
  13. Happy Birthday Dave! May your day be blessed and you have a great day!
  14. Welcome Greg! Nice collection of gear you have there! If you are going to keep I suggest refurbing it to make it last another 20-30 years and sound great! There are good techs to help if you need it.
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