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  1. Happy Canada Day to all of the Canadian brothers up north........grin
  2. Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!
  3. Thank you guys for the birthday wishes! I am sick with bronchitis today but I will do a celebration another day with my wife and friends........grin
  4. Thank you Rob! My 2 yr old granddaughter loved the video........grin
  5. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads. My father passed in 2011 and my wife and I have been taking care of my mother since then. I am not a hunter and neither was my dad so I don’t have the stories you guys do........grin.
  6. Congratulations Nic! We hope you find a good use for that......grin
  7. Nice karma Rod! I wear them once in a while when I get “dressy” but I am sitting this one out......grin
  8. I’m in with 27. Thank you Charlie for the great karma.......grin
  9. Glad the surgery went well! It is amazing they could do it that quick.......grin
  10. Congratulations Dick! Give us a review after testing it out.......grin
  11. Congratulations Rod! Thanks Kevin for a great Karma!
  12. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day.......grin
  13. Congratulations! I hope you put it to good use.......grin
  14. If you really want some I have a couple I could sell you.........grin. PM me if you are serious about purchasing them.
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