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  1. Happy Birthday @Hal! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day......grin
  2. Way to go @RodH! Another recruit to the OCCD club. He was an easy catch.........grin
  3. Thank you for being diligent @Will Meyerabout making the manuals database the best it can be with all the manuals you are purchasing. I agree with you and I appreciate you efforts.
  4. Lol, I agree. Since I don’t hunt or fish, cheaper than a truck, boat, camper, guns, 4 wheeler.......etc........grin
  5. Happy Birthday James! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  6. Welcome Tailgate! Nice find on your amplifier! I think you will like that amp and you certainly will after a refresh. Keep us posted on what you decide and if you have questions, just ask away......grin
  7. Welcome Hal! You have a nice collection of gear there, especially the reel to reel. I would love to have one of those models fully refreshed but I don’t have the space for one. You will enjoy your gear when it gets back home. It will sound great and last for many years. We have several good techs here that do great work. Depending on where you live, it might save you some shipping costs. Take a look around and we hope you enjoy the site.
  8. Nelion Audio is the modifier I would recommend. Others are available too.
  9. Welcome submariner! You have some nice gear there. If you are going to keep it, it is worth getting it refurbished. It will sound it’s best and have the service bulletins completed as well.
  10. I would look at the schematic and see if the output gain can be adjusted the same as the C-1 and C-4000 preamps. That would give you more gain and more output from the amps.
  11. Happy Birthday @itchitch! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  12. I just watched this one yesterday......it was shrink wrapped and had a $.25 sticker on it.......VHS too.......😂
  13. Welcome to the site @Jeffery Finkbeiner! Congratulations on keeping that receiver all these years after buying it new. I heard Carver in the 80’s, couldn’t afford it then so I started late in life. There is plenty of knowledgeable people here to help get that receiver working like new. Take a look around and enjoy the site......grin
  14. Welcome @Blueprintt! You have 2 nice pieces of Carver gear there. Get both of them refurbished and your music will sound great! BillD the C-1 and refurbish the M1.5t and I think you will be impressed with the sound quality. We have the service manuals if you want to do it yourself or great techs here that can do it for you. Take a look around and enjoy the site!
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