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  1. Tom Clancy, the bear and the dragon
  2. Happy Birthday Rod! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day.........grin
  3. If it sounds good to you, that is what is important. It is good you tried different setups before condemning the gear. I believe that is why most of us have a variety of gear to put together what sounds best to us. Glad to hear you have setup that is a keeper........grin
  4. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day.......grin
  5. Welcome metalman111! Thanks for dropping by the site! We like all brands of gear here we just specialize on Carver.....grin. Our resident spare parts expert @kve777will hopefully have a spare part for you, if not maybe someone will. Until then, take a look around and we hope you enjoy the new site.....grin
  6. Happy Birthday Rockster2u! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  7. Welcome Canuck007! I have a C-9 Sonic Holography unit and a Digital time Lense unit both in great shape I will sell for $200.00 plus shipping. Both have been refurbished. PM me if interested.
  8. Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day........grin
  9. Happy Birthday Dom! I hope everything is well with you and your family. May you have a great day and your day be blessed!
  10. Welcome Charles! You have a nice collection of gear and start for your OCCD journey! We have enablers here to help you “build” any system you want or don’t really need.......grin. Enjoy the new site and thanks for stopping by.......grin
  11. Welcome to the OCCD club @Java1960! You have a nice collection of gear already........grin. Most of us are collecting gear in our later years because we couldn’t afford it then. It’s fun, and it sounds good. Thanks for joining us and enjoy the site!
  12. Man Rod, you don’t waste any time on those amps..........grin
  13. A nice shot of the 901’s........brings back memories of mine in the early 80’s. I just didn’t have the power you have now to drive them. Thanks!........grin
  14. I have an original TL-3200 service manual I can scan and send to Dennis.
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