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  1. I have a spin clean system and I like it. While I haven't listened to vinyl after cleaning (no device yet) I have cleaned some records with it.........grin
  2. Do you have the original faceplate for it?
  3. Welcome to the site Peter! Congrats on your gear and refurb jobs! It’s a nice feeling ( and listening) to refurbing your own gear. There is plenty of information and great techs to help you with refurbing and upgrading it. Enjoy the site.
  4. That’s a nice amp! I like those! If I had the extra cash, I would take it.
  5. Yes, thank you for the nomination Sk1bum! Now that I am awarded, I will have to be worthy of the award.......grin
  6. Actually, if the WAF was in the positive range and I had a different room for my music gear, I would go and get them.......grin
  7. I use Paradigm monitor 9 series with my M500t. 91db / 1 watt they sound good with any of my amps........grin. Congrats on the Maggie’s, I have never heard them.
  8. Go for it Sk1bum! Encourager I am.......grin
  9. I have a few 8 tracks and some blanks to record on if you are interested. Mainly late 70’s early 80’ s rock.....
  10. I cannot select and save any settings in my account.
  11. Wow! Thank you Chris! That is very generous of you to give those away. I sure hope someone here can use them........grin
  12. Charlie, I think you need the computer award with all the good info you post here. Nahash says there isn't one yet, but if they do create one, I nominate you for it........grin
  13. Man, you guys are killing me. I wish I had the money for one those right now. But I will..........eventually.........grin
  14. How to fix........Use Linux?.....😂😂😂
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