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  1. Welcome to the site Kevin! I second what AJ says above.......grin
  2. I did that a couple of times......until we got a real record store.......grin
  3. Welcome to the forum! From a solid state gear head just getting into tube amps the last 3 years, I like the tubes as well. As for solid state, my preference has been to refurbish all my own gear that I am going to keep and use. If you enjoy doing it yourself, great. If not, Nelion Audio is who I would recommend to service it. Glad you found the manuals and enjoy the bedtime reading........grin
  4. When I first got interested in audio, the looks of the gear and the sound is what caught my attention. When I was able to afford nice gear (brand name), my ear is still what drove my choice to purchase. Did I look at the specs, sure. Did they matter that much, not really. My ears and the looks of the gear is what drove the purchase. I appreciate Bob's ideas and designs, I like the looks, and the sound....well that's why I own them. Now, as I am older (61), the nostalgia adds a factor to the decision. As with tube amps, Bob's Black Magic 25 with KT120 tubes is the best sounding tube amp I have heard. I like the tube sound better than solid state and I have listened to solid state most of my life. And do I need to mention looks......grin. So, for me, since I can afford it, I would rather have a quality sounding piece of gear that looks great instead of something cheap. Price is not the driver for me, it's value that determines the dollars spent.
  5. Numbers to me, are relative. Its part of the buying process, but equipment looks and how it sounds/performs is more important to me than the numbers. And, who can hear the difference in specs from one piece of gear to another except the Audiophile Priests.........😂
  6. Welcome friend to the Carver show that never ends, were so glad you could attend, come inside come inside........🙂
  7. Jim, The Black Magic sounds better, with a wider sound stage than the Yaqin, both tested side by side with original tubes installed. @Oakley104 bought my Yaqin. I am using the BM25 with the KT-120s.
  8. Bob has built lighter, lower cost amplifiers by leveraging higher voltage designs for manipulating reactive loudspeaker loads with musical authority. The Chinese tube amp I bought first was 42lbs with tubes installed. Bob's Black Magic was 21.2lbs with KT120 tubes installed........grin
  9. I am sorry Jim if I referenced you in this post. I meant to ask Jvandke if he has discussed his SH mods with Bob persoanlly since he suggests that updated changes need to be made for the newer vrsion you are working on.
  10. I would like to see the video! If it's real long, Bob, pass the popcorn........😂😂
  11. JIm, I am interested in the product and would like to see some renderings of it like the amps that people can critique. Tubes sticking up and out like amps........dare I say.....sexy? It would match well with the other tube gear.......😂
  12. Welcome aboard the Carver train! Integrating your components together to make the sound you like is what it’s all about. Pics of your gear will help us solve any issues you might have…….grin
  13. Welcome to the site, train, beginning stages of OCCD! You have a nice collection of gear and restored is the great way to enjoy it! There is a lot of good information here and great people!
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