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  1. Welcome to the site Craig! This is the place to be for information on all things Carver. Rod is the man for info on those. He should be able to figure something out for you........grin
  2. Congratulations Jeff’s! May you put that to good use on amplifier repair......lol Thanks again Charlie for the great karma!
  3. Welcometo the site! You have a good start on the hardware and if you hang around here very long, you will have accumulated a lot more......grin. Beware of OCCD and the enablers, very contagious situation, but we mean well......grin
  4. Welcome to the site! Beware of OCCD, it's very contagious......worse than COVID.......grin
  5. +1 Thank you for the great karma Charlie......grin
  6. Is a C-1 no low profile enough?
  7. Nice looking cabinet and gear!
  8. Welcome @PatAdams! Glad you found us. We like all things Carver and other gear too......grin. You have a good start on your OCCD journey, with a little more time and money you will have a great sounding collection of gear.......grin
  9. Happy Birthday Avguytx! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day........grin
  10. Coke and Captain Morgan spiced rum.......grin
  11. If you need parts for it, I have a parts unit we can rob from........grin
  12. Happy Birthday Charlie! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day.......grin
  13. Happy Birthday BrianD! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  14. Thank you for the great karma vinylnut! I don’t own any phase linear gear so I would be out.......grin
  15. Congratulations on your find Butcher! And thanks for the great word picture......a joy to read as always.......😀
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