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  1. oh, this was at CF a few years back. that pesky tree jumped right out behind me as I was backing up....
  2. my rental car boo boo...
  3. what does the duct tape cost?
  4. I hope it all works out, been thru a few floods, all you can do is watch it rise, whatever happens, happens. Its a very messed up feeling to have... I feel for ya.
  5. In conclusion, If you can kick ass and take names, ya get more tang.... (superior upper body strength)
  6. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the #2 club......
  7. That would explain a lot, my hand has been giving me the cold shoulder lately.... LOL
  8. mbskeam


    Yes it is a great feeling to have no debt, other than normal living expenses...
  9. My slow old 56 pan.... messin with the boss after he cut down our parking sign...
  10. last SAT, fell thru the deck where the old steps were, and I even had a pc of plywood to stop just this. LOL not paying attention, down I went. I think my leg took all 210lbs of me sliding along a joist. it looks worse than it felt.
  11. Update: This construction thing is for the young guys...LOL Got the Termidor, been spraying it into wall voids. Did find another nest, of course it was in the hardest place to fix. got all my LP siding off the house, need to wrap house in Tyvek, then reside. next year I need to redo my deck, 5/4 after 24yrs its shot (see last pic). But the roof is next. Update:
  12. I need to go to a bed and breakfast now....LOL I'll just stick to nailin my hand, simpler, cheaper and less painful...
  13. that old saw may out last the new ones...
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