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  1. Will Meyer – 64 captainmike – 66 maytag – 20 jeffs – 30 Zenith4me – 77 WINNER! 69Chevelle – 40 EAHBuckeye – 46 niccolosito – 16 Rob – 56 PhilDent – 34 Andyheckl – 33
  2. 1 Random Numbers between 1 - 100 Roll 98
  3. THE LIST(so far): Will Meyer – 64 captainmike – 66 maytag – 20 jeffs – 30 Zenith4me – 77 69Chevelle – 40 EAHBuckeye – 46 niccolosito – 16 Rob – 56 PhilDent – 34 Andyheckl – 33 Any more? Did I miss any? Speak now or forever hold your pizza!
  4. For perspective, freshly MK-II'ed Carver M-0.5t sounded -well, different, but very good! Gonna put it in a different system. The kitchen needs one...
  5. WOW! is defined thusly: Stellar acoustic qualities never before experienced! aka Really Good sounding amp!
  6. Eventually, you have to make a decision about which type of system you prefer... ...or not, like me. I have a different system in every room and building. Ever changing. Tube amp one day, solid state the next. You never know what I'll be listening to. Today, I pulled out a SoundStream DA-1 that loner-t had rebuilt be wrf. It was sitting in storage for about a year. Put it in my main system. WOW!
  7. We have captured another! What a tangled web we weave! BEWARE!
  8. I have no less than 15 tube amps in storage...
  9. So, our resident tuba amp rebuilder, James aka Old Texas Dog, needed a project, for a Karma. I donated this Conn organ amp, he worked his magic. VIOLA! Great looking, great sounding 12V6 push pull amp. Nice job, James! Together, we're giving it away! Karma is open to all members who want to experience a tube amp for the first time. Why are you wanting a tube amp? Tell us your story and pick a number between 1 and 100 (no numbers games this time!) Drawing to be made next Sunday, 9/20 around 6pm Eastern time.
  10. kve777


    My situation may have a happier ending than I thought... Test result "Negative" this morning.
  11. kve777


    Well here's something to ponder: My current position is working for a Texas company doing motor vehicle computer scans. I work out of an office in a local body shop which is part of a large-ish group of new car dealerships. My main purpose? I get to scan cars at that shop, using tools in Texas or Nevada via the internet, before and after collision repairs. In between, I scan cars remotely for shops around North America. Takeaway- I do not work for the shop I'm at 5 days a week. So, on Wednesday, I'm not feeling too good. I figure I should consult with my doctor and get a Covid-19 test to make sure I don't spread it around. I call the doctor's office, arrange a Telehealth visit, go home. Took my temp, 99.8F. During the chat with the doctor, she concludes I have a sinus infection, prescribed Antibiotics. She said I did not need a Covid test. Next morning, Thursday, I feel 90 per cent better. Temp is 98.6F. Talked to the doctor again, she said I should be fine, no testing or follow up necessary. I talked to my supervisor about going back on Friday. Well, um, about that, um that shop is requiring you get a Negative Covid-19 test result before you can go back in the building. Policy. Decision was made based on hearsay of my symptoms. I didn't tell anyone at that shop my symptoms. I made sure of that to avoid a panic. So, I questioned the policy, asked for a copy. NOPE. Stonewalled. Asked to talk to a decision maker. Denied again. Asked if they would call my doctor and listen to her, no again. Really? I submitted a sample at CVS Friday morning. Quest Labs is doing the work. The instructions indicate 2-3 days for results, 10 if there is high volume. Well, schools are opening and yes, testing volume is high. And it's a Holiday weekend. I asked about working from home, supervisor said no. Company is not authorizing that at this time. I requested documentation. Received none. I cannot apply for unemployment, can't work. Going to use up all PT and sick time. I was promised that HR is looking into how I get paid for this time and I should not worry. Right. Some possible legal points: Who told the body shop what my symptoms were in order to make that policy decision? If my supervisor did, that's a possibly ADA or HIPPA violation. Did they just make up symptoms? Basically I was forced to subject myself to an invasive medical procedure, against the advice of my doctor. I'm pretty pissed off. Then there is the working from home. According to Gov. Murphy : Paragraph 10 of Executive Order No. 107, which states: “All businesses or nonprofits in the State, whether closed or open to the public, must accommodate their workforce, wherever practicable, for telework or work-from-home arrangements,” remains in effect. Therefore, New Jersey employers should continue to allow telework arrangements for all employees who can perform their jobs remotely. Today, I feel fine. No symptoms. But I have to stay away from work. I just cannot trust anyone.
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