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  1. kve777

    Gritting my teeth

    You really need all three sources, Vinyl, Disc and Streaming. If you have the room, and the patience, tape players work, too. Reel, Cassette and 8-Track. Sadly, I have all of those, plus Laser-Disc, AM-FM Tuner, XM Tuner and VHS. Not all in the same place, mind you. I still have to hook up that Quadraphonic system, too. LOL!
  2. Let’s hear what your favorite album is from 1958! Why 58? It’s considered the first year of stereo. In the future I will name other years so hold your other favs. For now just Le’s released in 1958.
  3. Apparently he doesn't have "Magic Ears", like us! Actually it is "Magic Brain", ready to pounce on the least bit of offensive material the ears gather. We have it. They don't. Much easier on the wallet if you don't.
  4. Steve who? Just kidding! Welcome back!
  5. The CT-Seven is running out of OP-AMP driving power. It uses a uPC4570HA-1 opamp for output(IC752). After it are R761/762(1KΩ) and R763/764(100kΩ) as voltage dividers. Theoretically, reducing the value of R761/762 and increasing the value of R763/764 should increase output, BUT! This may allow IC752 to drive at too high a current level.
  6. Sounds like bad replays and dirty switches. Let us know if the other channel comes back after switching the tape monitor switch back and forth a bunch of times and turn the volume way up with balance in the middle and both left and right channels connected to speakers. Don’t put two 901’s on one channel.
  7. Welcome, Jeffery! We can help you with the 6250, What ails it?
  8. Sorry I missed it! Happy Belated!
  9. It's just over a year since we lost Wayne. Today would be his birthday. Take a moment to remember him. What a great guy!
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