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  1. I never said "Best". Just proper, ie. no Cerwin Vega speakers! LOL VPI Scout 1.1 w/Ortofon 2M Black, tube phono pre, Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS2 tube pre, OPPO BDP-105D, Tekton Pendragon speakers with a PSB Stratus SubSonic 3i sub.
  2. Bring it with you so you can hear it in a proper system.
  3. If you have an anthracite system(C-1, M-1.0t, etc.) the DTL-200 MKII is a good one. I have four(at least). Reach out if you are interested in buying one.
  4. In a word, YES. You may be very pleased with that combination.
  5. I understand completely. Still, not a match made in heaven. Maybe an EQ would allow them to behave well enough. The M-1.5t is a difficult amp to match with, speaker-wise.
  6. B&W 602's? With an M-1.5t? Were you trying to hurt your ears? Bathe every switch and pot in the C-1 in some DeoxIt, for Bob's Sake!
  7. Several Carver's should be left behind... MV-5 for example.
  8. STOP IT! The CT-3 just isn't that good. Have one. With the original remote. Disappointing. As it the pair of CT-29V's, and several CT-17's. Rubbish. Point thine ears in a different direction.
  9. Proper speakers are the requisite answer. Something Polk, preferably. M-1.5t's can be bright. McIntosh speakers would be best, but hard to find without a second mortgage on said Schloss...
  10. Welcome! Glad you found us! What upgrades have you made to the TFM-42? That is in my favorite family of amps! I, too am a tube amp tinkerer, more HiFi than guitar. What's your favorite output tube?
  11. Rest in Peace, Bill. Still so missed!
  12. Do you have a Variac? You may destroy it without one.
  13. [Yesterday 7:15 AM] Gregory Oberg Who's gonna send us passive-aggressive emails about the Q today?
  14. [Yesterday 1:06 PM] Douglas Bafaro Can anyone tell me who to contact about equipment failure.
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