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  1. Welcome! I found that Carver Silver 7t amps powered my Infinity Kappa 9's quite nicely. I've moved on from the Infinity speakers, but not the amps. Carver amps really like Polk and Infinity speakers.
  2. Hello. I was there to see that collection at Barry's and helped with some pricing the best I could. Where is the collection, now located?
  3. I've used those covers on my tube amps. I don't like them. They start smoking after just a few minutes... What? Off when you use the amps? Never Mind!
  4. Welcome, D5! Sounds like several things going on there. Tracking down these issues is not for the faint of heart. From my experience, it sounds like you have a $300-$400 repair bill on that one. I'm near Philadelphia, in NJ. My wife will be in Mass this weekend. If you could get it to her, I could have it up and running in a few weeks. Since I have a couple of working units for parts, I should be able to get it going for minimal cost. Message me if that is of interest.
  5. Welcome, Ben! I hope we can help you get your gear back to proper operating condition. Does the HR-722 fail the same way using the Remote as the power button? Maybe you don't have the remote. It could be the power switch. If Dad had the Hafler 500 plugged into the switched AC socket, the extra draw could have caused contact damage to the switch. If it's acting up using the remote, it could be the contacts in the relay on the power switch board. Also aging Power Supply Filter Capacitors could be causing it to go into protection when first trying to power it on. That's where I'd start. BTW- you will need a decent DVOM for working on these. Please be careful. The filter caps can hold a nasty charge, even unplugged. Don't try to work on the power supply switch area with the unit plugged in. Let us know what you find. Good luck!
  6. Welcome! I've brought many a Carver Receiver back to life. Hope I can help.
  7. Welcome. Repair of the 2000's can be daunting. Not a good one to learn on. Greg at Nelion is a great resource for repairs.
  8. Stock unit from Kenner Close 'N Play.
  9. I can send you a pile.
  10. Not a bad idea, if it was so easy. Carver made running changes to many models and therefore most lists are not going to be accurate, plus current parts availability makes changes in part numbers almost constant. Refurb parts lists therefore need to be unit specific in real time. Might I suggest that if one has, say an M-4.0t amp, that they want to refurb, start a post on that amp, list all the things they think they should replace with current part numbers and values. The community can then help with suggestions on sourcing hard to get parts. Rarely will you find all-in-one shopping for 30 year old amp parts.
  11. Welcome! Glad you found us! What upgrades have you made to the TFM-42? That is in my favorite family of amps! I, too am a tube amp tinkerer, more HiFi than guitar. What's your favorite output tube?
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