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  1. Stock unit from Kenner Close 'N Play.
  2. I can send you a pile.
  3. Happy Belated Birthday!
  4. Not admitted. Home having steak on the grill with a neighbor. Transfusion tomorrow is the latest word.
  5. After the relay click, turn it up really loud, for a second. If the sound "breaks through", you know you have a relay contact problem.
  6. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    Put some 03 Honda Pilot wheels on my new-to-me 03 Element. looks better than black steel wheels! New Toyo tires, too. Spent some time yesterday putting the wheels and tires on. Plus a ball joint and all four sway bar links. next is adding A/C. No, it never came with A/C. That was an option in 03. LOL
  7. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    Klipsch KSF-10's.
  8. Not a bad idea, if it was so easy. Carver made running changes to many models and therefore most lists are not going to be accurate, plus current parts availability makes changes in part numbers almost constant. Refurb parts lists therefore need to be unit specific in real time. Might I suggest that if one has, say an M-4.0t amp, that they want to refurb, start a post on that amp, list all the things they think they should replace with current part numbers and values. The community can then help with suggestions on sourcing hard to get parts. Rarely will you find all-in-one shopping for 30 yea
  9. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    pushing the ‘42 in the shed system.
  10. I could post that, but I might have to have another session with HR.
  11. I never said "Best". Just proper, ie. no Cerwin Vega speakers! LOL VPI Scout 1.1 w/Ortofon 2M Black, tube phono pre, Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS2 tube pre, OPPO BDP-105D, Tekton Pendragon speakers with a PSB Stratus SubSonic 3i sub.
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