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  1. Here's a recent one that rocks from end to end...
  2. How did I miss this??? Can I be in with 17?
  3. Welcome, Lance! From where do you hail? Some of us may be close enough to help you audition speakers.
  4. I'm of the opinion that a twenty year old HT processor isn't going to be worth half of a cheap Carver amp, good as this was in it's day. I pass on gear like this offered for $30-$40 all the time. It's only 7.1, no where near the current offerings. Which Carver amp(s) do you seek?
  5. I can let one go. Call me.
  6. I have a consignment lot of nine NOS WE 300B's. All tested. One early engraved base, late 30's early 40's in OE box. $3500.00. Eight 50's, five with boxes. $4500/pair. $20K for all nine.
  7. kve777

    Favorite Pictures

    In 1981, I came out of a mine in Kelly, NM at 3AM to a moon-less night sky full of stars. AMAZING! No light pollution at all. Shadows by starlight. So many stars...humbling.
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