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  1. Yes. Hasn't gone far. Must be in a Chevy...
  2. I'm good for 4 in 2XL men's T's, 2 in charcoal heather, two in purple.
  3. Way to go Will! Thank you again, Charlie.
  4. There is an Evergreen, TX, but no Houston, CO.
  5. COOL! In with 77.
  6. Let's see. I've owned over 2500 cars. Seriously. Muscle cars? Does a Porsche 928 count? 65 Olds 442. 67 & 68 GTO's. 69 Dart GT 340 4 speed. 69 Torino GT convertible. 70 340 Challenger. I had a 70 Challenger convertible, but it was a slant 6, so not a muscle car. 69 Impala SS convertible. 650-ish HP 409 swapped 64 Impala wagon w/ SS tags, THAT was a monster! 69 Cougar. 73 Montego GT (351 Cleveland), 72 Torino GT (351C), 74 Charger SE w/ 383/727 from 68 Coronet NM state police car, 72 LTD w/ 400, 67 Fairlane 500 w/ 390, 71 Mustang Mach 1 (351C), 71 Merc Marquis 429, 69 T-bird 429, 65 T-bird 390, 69 Chevelle 350, 73 Chevelle SS 350, 69 Mustang coupe 302, 71 Pont Grand Ville 455, 69 Coronet 318(eh..) probably a few more I cannot recall. If I have any regrets, it's the 69 Torino GT. NEVER should have sold it! Only had 64000 miles. Bought it for $450.00. YES! One tiny rust hole, early 1982. Gorgeous aqua with white stripes, white interior and top. Just like this:
  7. I think I've had enough light drinking to last me 457 years... Maybe longer, I can't remember the 90's much...
  8. kve777


    What Does YOUR Physician say YOU should DO?
  9. Charlie grabbed it. He needed a new power source. Power company was sending hate mail...
  10. Never had anything but Comcast. Pay through the nose, but it's pretty darn consistent, compared to the stories. Probably gave them close to $100K by now. Damn! No wonder I have no retirement!
  11. DD- Welcome! There is a world of difference in upgrading those two fine Carver's. You will not be disappointed! Enjoy the music.
  12. Somebody needs BILLDC1
  13. Nice offering. No place for it here, good luck to all!
  14. Time to retire this one:In at 11:11
  15. That's the Receiver 2000. Sorry. No returns...
  16. By the time they get here they’ll be too tired from pushing to do anything about it.
  17. Canadian version. Metric 454 converts to a 250 straight six in American.
  18. What's really weird is that Jeff picked 13 on June 14th. I picked 14 on June 13th. 🙀
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