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  1. YES! I live a few hundred yards away.
  2. Thanks! It does, even better in person. I am amazed. I picked it up on Craigslist from a guy in Tucson, I paid him through Google Checkout. I thought I might have been 'taken', lost some sleep...I recovered when he explained how the warm up worked and when I got a UPS tracking # I felt lots better. His packing was impeccable and it is "like new". I can't stop listening to it! I will have some Sony ES decks for sale soon. This is a keeper! Anybody have a remote I can clone?
  3. OK! SD/A 490t is in the house! It is as "mint" as I could imagine. Well packed for +/-3000 mile trip AZ to MA. I A-B'ed the Soundstream C-1 with my CT-7. Went back to the C-1 in less than one song. Dang! I wanted the CT-7 to win. The RH-75 works the 490t for Play/Pause/Stop/+ and-, so that's cool. NOW to play with the tubes. I have some vintage Amperex A-frame 6DJ8's and some halo getter ones, from old Tektronix o'scopes to try. I will also A-B against my new Outlaw RR2150. I only have room for one good 2-channel rig... It's like Christmas!
  4. In anticipation of my 490t delivery today, I threw together a few pieces I haven't used for a while. Soundstream C-1, T-1, Carver TX1-11, NAD 2200PE, Toshiba XR-J9(keeping a seat warm for the 590t) I hooked up a pair of Klipsch KG 2.5's I picked up last Friday for $10. The cabinets look terrible, but sound perfect. But I have a plan! These Electro-Voice Coronet cabinets have been empty for some time and I love the look. Maybe I will post pics of the retrofit. (in another post) The Coronets are 25" high, used to house SP-8B and T-35B's. Sounded good but were 16 ohm and I'm not running a tube amp now. Drivers have been sold.
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    I guess: 17 million
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    "I'm sitting here, completely surrounded by no beer!" Onslow (Keeping Up Appearances)
  7. OK, I'm kinda nuts about having the remote for my gear. Anyway, I'd like to get a database for remotes together, both OE and aftermarket. I'm starting small, with a RH-75, I've got an RH-74 coming and four PRH-2's to "teach" coming, too. If I can get a sample of each remote and info, like what it is intended for and what it will work with, I can set up a PHR-2 or other learning remote for those in need. I will buy what I can, maybe borrow a few for teaching a Master, then send it back. Might be a daunting task, but I feel up to it. Anybody got any old remotes for sale or loan? Anybody need a 'taught' RH-75 or RH-74? Also, there are some universal remotes out there with codes for Carver and Sunfire gear. I just bought 3 Comcast remotes and they have a Carver and a Sunfire code. Anybody use these with gear successfully? I'd like to know what models they work with. Pic here: REMOTE Let me know what you think of this project. Thanks, Kevin MODEL Remote Control #'s AVR-100 EUR-64162 C-5 RH-5 CM-1090 RH-5 CMV-1185 RH-85 CT-3 RH-74A CT-6 RH-5 CT-7 RH-7, HTR001-0190 CT-17 RH-17, RH-5, RC-CT17 CT-20V RH-20 CT-23 RH-23 CT-25.1 RH-88B CT-26V RH-88B CT-27V RH-27V CT-28V RH-28V CT-29V RH-29V CV-20V RH-20 DLP-20 RH-33 DLP-33 RH-23 DTL-50 RM-50 DTL-200 RM-200 DTL-200 MKII RM-200 HR-722 RH-5,RC-HR752 HR-732 RH-74A HR-742 RH-74A HR-752 RH-5, RC-HR752 HR-772 RH-77 HR-875 RH-87 HR-895 RH-89A (credit card remote), RH-90 (full function remote) HTR-880 RH-88B HTR-885.1 RH-88B MD/A-420 RH-42 MD/V-500 RH-5 MV-5 RH-05 MXR-180 CRC-180 PSC-50 RH-5 PSB-36B RH-36 PST-14 RH-14 PST-24 RH-24 R-6200 HTR-0001-0090 R-6250 HTR-0001-0080 SD/A 350 WW41223D8 SD/A 360 RH-60 SD/A 370 RH-36 SD/A 390 RH-39 SD/A 410 RH-41 SD/A 420 RH-42 SD/A 450 RH-45 SD/A 490 RH-49 TD-1200 RH-14, RC-TD1400 TD-1400 RH-14, RC-TD1400 TD-1440 RH-40 TD-1770 RH-17 TDR-1550 RH-24 TDR-2400 RH-24 TL-3100 RH-31, RC-3100 TL-3200 22120227 TL-3220 22120227 TL-3600 RH-36 TX-12 RH-12, RC-TX12 TX-8R TX-8 EYE
  8. I remember that album. I've never heard it on CD, but pretty much wore out my LP. Can I get in on this?
  9. Hi, Did you get settled with a remote? I, too bought a CT-7($35 at a flea market!) without a remote. I picked up an RH-75 on eBay and it works everything but the ACCD, which I just keep on anyway. I'm trying to negotiate a purchase of 10 Carver PRH-2 remotes and I could send you one, programmed for RH-75, for around $25.00. Another member bought one and is sending it to me. I figure I could help out members here this way. Let me know. Enjoy the CT-7! Kevin PS- I tried emailing you, but got an error.
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