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  1. Happy Birthday Steve, Hope you have a great day..........
  2. Congrats on your DIY repairs. Nice looking system thanks for taking the time to post pictures. What types of music and bands or artists do you enjoy listening to most ?
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG, Enjoy your day !!!
  4. Very nice system, thanks for taking the time to post pictures. Mad skills on the cabinet, congrats and enjoy......
  5. Welcome to the site, glad you found us. Lots to see and read here, enjoy.........
  6. Cool system, thanks for the pics.
  7. Many thanks to all who took the time to post birthday wishes, truly appreciated.
  8. Great looking rig. thanks for taking the time to post pics.
  9. Kick-ass looking system. Thanks for the pictures. What types of music/ bands/artists do you enjoy listening to ?
  10. Greg, so sorry this happened, years of junk is irreplaceable. Good luck with the insurance vultures.
  11. Wow I was at most of those with you, some I had totally forgotten about. Yeah the Zepplin show I had waited a long time to see was a disappointment because of the weather. One of the best was seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn just a few short months before his passing.
  12. Thanks for the pictures. Welcome to the site. Tell us about your Turntable ~ make, model, cartridge, also looks like its on some open cell foam and a stabilizing unit. Also whatever its sitting on top of too.
  13. I only get 3 manuals for Carver (4000t, C1, C11) . I click on Carver Database and get nothing, what am I doing wrong ?
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