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  1. Congrats on your DIY repairs. Nice looking system thanks for taking the time to post pictures. What types of music and bands or artists do you enjoy listening to most ?
  2. Very nice system, thanks for taking the time to post pictures. Mad skills on the cabinet, congrats and enjoy......
  3. Welcome to the site, glad you found us. Lots to see and read here, enjoy.........
  4. Cool system, thanks for the pics.
  5. Great looking rig. thanks for taking the time to post pics.
  6. Kick-ass looking system. Thanks for the pictures. What types of music/ bands/artists do you enjoy listening to ?
  7. Thanks for the pictures. Welcome to the site. Tell us about your Turntable ~ make, model, cartridge, also looks like its on some open cell foam and a stabilizing unit. Also whatever its sitting on top of too.
  8. Welcome to the site Peter. Glad you found us and decided to tell us of your refresh of your gear and thanks for the pictures of your system. You got a nice collection of gear there, bet it sounds as good as it looks, cheers............
  9. Here's a couple from the oft overlooked Tommy Bolin check out the base drums and sax on the cut "Post Toastee" Also replaced Ritchie Blackmore in "Deep Purple" on the "Come Taste The Band" LP.
  10. Rollerball 1975 James Caan (the man Bruce Willis stole his whole tuff guy persona from, and yes I am a big Bruce W. fan just saying) 2002 Chris Klein, Jean Reno It does have WWE's Paul Heyman and the band playing have a few good riffs
  11. Supertramp~ "Crime Of The Century"
  12. Welcome to the forum, glad you found us, enjoy the site........
  13. Welcome to the forum, glad to have you, lots to see and read......
  14. John 5 and the Creatures "Crank It-Living With Ghosts
  15. I agree you can't start them to early, if they show interest. How is she with the volume control ? That's gonna be sleepover central, envy of all her friends. Nice job Dad!
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