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  1. I was Caver distributor for Costa Rica at the time and I sold most products described on the book. I'm very surprised that I didn't receive a copy of this very nice sales guide.
  2. It sounds great, especially 24 bit 192 kHz high-resolution flac files being played from a USB drive by the Marantz NA-6005. I've been using great sample tracks given free by Linn on Christmas 2014.
  3. I am using this system to demostrate the Magnepan MG1.7i in red at my store AudioCinema www.facebook.com/AudioCinema.net, this system includes: Magnepan MG1.7i Red Special Edition Lightstar Direct Pre-amp serial 961216500062 Lightstar 2.0 serial 97021600035 Marantz SA-8620 CD & SACD player Marantz NA-6005 DAC and network player Denon DP-300 turntable Furman Model Reference IT-15 Discrete Symmetrical Power Conditioner Apature BL-16 silver speaker cables Sunfire HRS-8 subwoofer which is off frequently Omnimount Modena 37T AV Stand in black, for a while I had a custom red (posts on
  4. At Cedia 2014 there was a company using the Carver name, showing samples and spec sheets. I talked with the Steven Tsai, CEO of www.carver-usa.com. His card says: Worldwide Distributor TECHISON ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. A: 22F-3, No. 88, An-He Road, Sec. 2, Taipei 106 Taiwan T: +886-2-2763-1548 F: +886-2-2763-1521 E: stsai.carver@gmail.com During the conversation he said that they produced the Carver amplifiers for Phoenix Gold, which owned them money when they went bankrupt and that as a result they got the Carver name and patents as compensation. I just found that in ad
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