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  1. Happy Birthday Doug! May you have many more!!
  2. Happy Birthday Mike and may you have many more!!
  3. I use 10GA stranded that I found at the local electronics liquidator; 4 x 100ft rolls for about $12 a roll...
  4. Greetings @Solarfire We're glad to have you on board!!!
  5. So true; I've got tons of money invested in restored Carver preamps and I still consider the C! (BillD) to be the best of the lot...
  6. That was my direction but eventually I stuck with the BillD C1; be aware that if either one is original, you will most likely need to have it restored...
  7. Listen to this collection of Bass Drops...
  8. NILS "Caught in the Groove" Not new but worth listening to...
  9. Greetings Kurt! Glad to have you on board!!!
  10. Bappy Birthday Gentlemen and may you have many more!!!
  11. Happy Belated Birthday Jenny!
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