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  1. Top Dead Center...Kevin Cameron; technical but very interesting.
  2. Greetings Boris!!! We're glad you found us!!!
  3. Greetings @JayGilb ! We're glad you found us!!
  4. Happy Birthday Brian and may you have many more!!!
  5. Looks like The Human League has arrived.... 🎶
  6. No Officer I don't know how fast I was going; my speedo only reads to 190MPH...
  7. Happy Birthday Michael and may you have many more...
  8. "Aren't you a bit OLD to be riding that thing?"
  9. Welcome aboard @The Long Ear ! We're glad you found us!
  10. Greetings @nautinut ! We're glad to have you aboard!!!
  11. Walter Chancellor Jr - "Beautiful Day" released April 2019
  12. Happy Birthday Greg!!! May you have many more!!!
  13. Happy Birthday Will!!! May you have many more!!!
  14. Greetings Ron and welcome to Carversite!!! Rod gave you some solid info on your amp; I agree....
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