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  1. Hey John, welcome to the CSite forum...so glad you found us!!! We love ALL things audio (& video) here and you have a tremendous collection. Yes pics plz! Hope you can stay awhile. ...and welcome aboard the Carver Express! .
  2. Good to see you posting UM!
  3. Not sure what you call this but it's hot off the press. Good friend of my son...Jacob Beck Kinda grew on me. Not for everyone though. You decide.
  4. Hey Phil, This is the 30th anniversary edition hybrid SACD. It will play stereo as well as 5.1 which is draw dropping---especially with that man running around your room!
  5. Definitely "Road to hell" and most songs on that CF disc! then SACD DSOTM
  6. " For now Iam enjoying these wonderful posts getting to know the gang and the Carver way of life. Joey" Great words Joey ! This place is special. Again welcome.
  7. Will, when I upload my pics, sometimes they are turned sideways. I then delete the pic from the site. Then I open the pic on my windows computer into any editing program (I use the standard Windows program that came w/ my Windows 10 dell). Edit something minor (such as shading, lighting, etc.) which will now allow the pic to "save". After clicking "Save", just re-upload it to the CSite. Magic--it's upright!
  8. Absolutely Joey. With your affinity for tubes, you may be interested particularly in the C-19 vacuum tube reference preamp. And another tubed preamp option: Not sure of your price range but Bob also has a nice product in the Sunfire Vacuum tube model. The one's with phono outputs can be a little difficult to find but they do surface now and again. Gotta love the glow of dem' tubes! Again, welcome aboard. Regardless, you have come to the right place as you will get some great advice here with many options to pursue.
  9. Great to have you on board the Carver machine joey. So glad you found us.....from Scotland no less! I picked up this vinyl for my kids and we love it. I have a pic here. Fun getting back into vinyl and introducing the kids to the experience. Hopefully they will carry Bob's products on into their generation. How did you get into Carver creations?
  10. Wow. Great to have you here on the CSite forum, RXonmymind....with a video no less! Very cool. Now that your wife is hooked on Carver/Sunfire, maybe she will be posting in the near future. Welcome aboard the Carver Express...great to have you on board.
  11. Welcome to the CSite KawiPhil. So glad you found us. .....and such a great story with pics no less! We have another Csite member located in Florida ( Charlie ) who also shares similar passions as you --fast motorcycles & audio. You will be right at home here. Again, thanks for a great post. You made my Tuesday morning with that flip flops & audio story my friend. Hope you stay awhile!
  12. Thank you gents. Means a lot coming from such great folks on this site. Only half a century more to go ;-) Cheers
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