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Found 4 results

  1. Carversite, I was hoping to cull the knowledge of the members here and ask for recommendations for the next step in my system. Attached is a picture of my current system. I am wanting to replace the Yamaha receiver with something more suited to the tasks that I need it for. Since, as you can see, the Carver amps are taking care of the amplification, I don't need a receiver that has the ability to amplify (and the Yamaha's pre-outs seem very weak). So, as I see it, my needs are pre-amplification to the amps, and distribution of HDMI signals. I need something that outputs at least 2 HDMI signals so I can watch TV and have a playlist going on the smaller screen. Also, although I have never actually tuned in an am/fm signal, it might be helpful to have that feature. And it goes without saying that it should be wifey friendly to operate, although I have the system setup so that she doesn't have to mess with my setup if she just wants to watch TV. I'm looking forward to your thoughts pointing me in the right direction. As of yet, I haven't found anything that quite seems to fit the bill.
  2. I have recently purchased separates to replace my Carver 6250 receiver. I bought a CT-3 preamp, and a matching TFM-15CB amplifier. After getting it home, I found that the amplifie has intermittent issues in the right channel (not the preamp, as I tested it using my Nikko Alpha 130 amp). I went looking for an amplifier to replace it with while it was out being serviced, as the shop I use takes two to five months due to how busy they are. I found a gentleman who has a complete Carver system for sale for a very reasonable price. The system consists of a pair of M-200t power amps, a C-2 preamp, and a TX-11 tuner. All in really clean condition, and demoed to be working perfectly. So my question for all you Carverphiles is: Which is a better system? I'm liking the idea of using the dual power amps in bridge mode, as I am driving a pair of vintage Polk Audio SDA speakers that are really power-hungry. The specs for the TFM-15CB show it to be a much cleaner amp than the M-200t amps. I have the option of purchasing a second TFM-15CB from my repair guy, and he would give me a really good trade for the M-200t amps, preamp, and tuner. Just an FYI - 90% of my listening is with a vintage Technics turntable, listening to classic rock, jazz and some classical. So, what would you do?
  3. For those of you who have asked about the possibility of a demo or "traveling" LP-1R preamp with remote...we now have one available for anyone who wants to try one out! I need to start a list of those who are interested in auditioning one of them in their own home environment. You will need to pay only shipping to you from either us or the last person who tries it and you will be allowed to try out the unit with your own equipment for a week (unless prior arrangements are made) at which point it will need to be repacked in it's shipping box and sent to the next person on the list... or if there is none, back to us. If you are interested please add you name in this post so that we can get an idea of how many might be interested. The unit will be our standard LP-1R with IR remote included. The remote itself is a simple one....on-off and volume. The remote will work at extreme angles...almost a full 90 degrees to either side or up down to the unit. Please reply to the thread below if you are interested and we will begin to make a list.
  4. Good Morning!, I'm in the process of reverting back to Vintage Gear and have a question. I just picked up he Carver M 500t Amp (in the shop getting MkII Upgrade) I also have the Carver TL-3300 Pre/ Tuner. My question is: Which Pre Amp: Carver C-1, C-4, C-6 or stay with the TL-3300? Which is the better unit for the Amp I'll be running? I originally had (still have) 2 TFM-25's and used the TL-3300 as my Preamp. Thanks! Tom
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