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What are your favorite albums?


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Guest donquixote99

Ha! I've been known to play a lot of that stuff during the trick-or-treet hours, but I had to DJ it manually.

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I'm not even going to attempt this as today's top 10 would probably be different than tomorrow's which would be different from next week's, etc. Depends on my mood. The same would probably go for top favorite bands. However, there probably would always be SRV, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Beatles, Traffic, Who, Zappa.........
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#1 Pink Floyd- Dark side of the Moon.
#2 Steely Dan- Aja
#3 Deep Purple- Made in Japan
#4 Frank Zappa- apostrophe
#5 Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here
#6 Pink Floyd- Animals
#7 Live- Throwing Copper
#8 Fleetwood Mac- Rumours
#9 Nine Inch Nails- Downward Spiral
#10 Queensrÿche- Operation: Mindcrime
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I just posted a rave about Kronos Quartet in the What Are You Listening To Now thread.  Needless to say here I was deeply impressed.  Is there anyone familiar with Kronos who might have a suggestion on which way to go to explore their vast catalog?

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Wish I'd been around for the start of this thread.  I know what the OP means, By the Light of the Moon is slower, less of the rock'n'roll.  I much prefer How Will the Wolf Survive, and a more recent album I really enjoy is this one:




We saw Los Lobos again a few years ago when they were opening for Mellencamp, and wished they would have played longer.  They started without too much energy, but by the second or third song of their short set were showing they still had it.

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I saw an article over the weekend where someone was listing the "ten albums you'd want to have if  stranded on a desert island." Of course, that assumes you have a system on the desert island to play them. Anyway, I made my list and then came here to see what was already posted and found this thread. There seems to be somewhat of a recurring theme with many of us - with a couple interesting twists thrown in by each. Here's my list:
1. Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
2. Beatles, White Album
3. Pink Floyd, The Wall
4. Elton John, Yellow Brick Road
5. Eric Clapton, From the Cradle 
6. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
7. Neil Young, After the Gold Rush
8. Bob Dylan, New Morning
9. Queen, A Night at the Opera
10. Manhattan Transfer, Anthology - Down in Birdland
11. Steely Dan, Goucho 
OK - I can't stop at ten! 
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The PR machine has started to crank ahead of the release of the new Mörglbl album on 6/5/12.  Soon you'll find Brütal Römance everywhere but you can stream the title track here and 6 more song samples here!
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I appreciate the suggestion, Dave.  I was beginning to think this thread was about as popular as a fart in church.

I,m a newbie and just found your post!


Laughter is good for the soul !javascript:insertsmiley(':--d%20','/yetanotherforum/Images/Emoticons/biggrin5.gif')


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In no certain order:



Elton John- Elton John

Santana - Santana, Abraxas ,Supernatural

Beatles - White Album, Revolver, Abbey Road

B.B. King - Deuces Wild

Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live DVD

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James, Live at the Beacon, Hourglass

Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon

Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run , The Wild the Innocent and the E street Shuffle, Tunnel of Love , The Rising

Lyle Lovett= Step Inside This House (esp. disc 2)

Crosby Stills Nash- Carry on

Clapton's Crossroads Concerts any
Dire Straits
Steely Dan - Aja, Gaucho
Steve Winwood-      Arc of A Diver
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Yea augie, I mentioned Hourglass Gaia sometime back, the way the tympanies roll across the front of the room is super powerful. It's a true gut check.
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Pink Floyd-The Wall
Beatles-Beatles (White Album)
Steely Dan-Gaucho
Norah Jones-Feels Like Home
Fleetwood Mac-Rumors
Jim Croce-Photographs and Memories
Eric Clapton-From the Cradle
Cream-Wheels of Fire
Roger Waters-Amused to Death
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I'm not good at these 'your favorite' threads, particularly with music, as stuff comes and goes.


But probably the most 'influential', in the sense of being heavily played during various phases of my life, to the extent that they're ingrained in my memory deeper than other options; and even though I may not play each of them too often nowadays; and in no particular order:



A Farewell To Kings

A Trick of The Tail

Selling England By the Pound


A Night At The Opera

Ariel (Kate Bush)

Neighbourhood - Manu Katche

Talking Timbuktu - Ali Farke Toure


The Works ELP

Animals PF

Solid Air - John Martyn

Bryter Layter - Nick Drake

Stormwatch - Jethro Tull

Queen II

Love Over Gold - Dire Straits

Trinity Sessions - Cowboy Junkies

Desolation Boulevard - Sweet

Pagan Place - The Waterboys

Keep in mind if I took the test again tomorrow, at least 3 or 4 would probably change eusa_shifty.gif
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In no order of course....the stuff I find myself listening to
 Miles Davis; Kind of Blue
Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsies
The Police: Synchronicity
Aerosmith; Rocks
Roger Waters; Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking
Pink Floyd; Meddle
The Who; Tommy
David Bowie; Lets Dance also Ziggy Stardust but can't find the damn thing anywhere!
Enigma; MCMXC aD
The Beatles; Hey Jude Only have it on vinyl so infrequently played buts its a favorite.
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