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Weird headline of the day

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Young Seals Keep Getting Eels Stuck Up Their Noses, and Nobody Knows Why   Well, if you've ever had kids........

I suppose if one one uses the former too much, the later may be necessary...     https://www.foxnews.com/sports/female-squash-competitors-shocked-after-prizes-include-sex-toy-call

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2 hours ago, itchitch said:

I am so glad you posted this article.

I had no idea this was unacceptable behavior... I will stop immediately.


You'll be amazed at how fast your eyesight improves. 

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1 hour ago, RodH said:

And now I'm sorry I did see it.......😕


Yeah - perhaps Mother Nature was trying to protect my poor innocent, impressionable brain, earlier.


Damn. we really need that WTF reaction for times like this!!!!   **))

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First they hack your mind , then they hack...

Male chastity gadget hack could lock users in
The Chinese maker of the toy has updated the app involved, but some users remain at risk.

A security flaw in a hi-tech chastity belt for men made it possible for hackers to remotely lock all the devices in use simultaneously.
The internet-linked sheath has no manual override, so owners might have been faced with the prospect of having to use a grinder or bolt cutter to free themselves from its metal clamp.

Read in BBC News: https://apple.news/A7RVzBCguSNqtxP97LOxnNQ

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14 minutes ago, Daddyjt said:

Towards the end of the article, the Bishop says he will be “consecrating a new alter soon”... Funny, I would think the existing one is already (and recently) consecrated...;-)








Desecrated, yes. Consecrated, no.

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