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Weird headline of the day

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"...The captain of a British Airways jet that was forced to abandon its takeoff from Las Vegas after an engine burst into flames is a veteran pilot who was due to retire next week.

The pilot – identified by the Guardian as Chris Henkey, 63, from near Reading, Berkshire – was applauded by passengers for averting a potential disaster on the stricken Boeing 777-200 at McCarran international airport.

The crew of BA flight 2276, bound for London Gatwick, were forced to abandon the takeoff part-way down the runway when one of the two engines caught fire. Henkey, who has been a pilot for 42 years, can be heard issuing a mayday call that was captured in dramatic audio recordings. After the plane had come to a stop, he ordered the evacuation of the 157 passengers and 13 crew.

Guardian reporter Jacob Steinberg, who was on board the flight, said “all the colour had drained” from Henkey’s face when he told passengers later that a “catastrophic failure of the engine” had caused the incident...."


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Customer dies of heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas

  "...Alleman had been a faithful patron since the restaurant opened in October 2011...
     He inspired a "Patient John" caricature on the Heart  Attack Grill's menu...

Alleman is the Heart Attack Grill's second unofficial spokesman to die.

     In March 2011, 575-pound Blair River known as the Grill's "Gentle Giant" died ...
In February 2012, a man was hospitalized with an apparent heart problem after chowing down a 6,000-calorie Triple Bypass Burger. Two months later, a woman suffered from a similar medical problem while reportedly eating a Double Bypass Burger.

The eatery's slogan is "a burger to die for."

It gives free meals to people who weigh more than 350 pounds...
a sign reads "Caution: This establishment is bad for your health," ..."

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EXCLUSIVE: Joe Jackson, 87, suffered stroke after 'taking three Viagras' in Brazil (and when he was having his life saved in hospital he ordered the party to go on)

  • Jackson family patriarch was in Sao Paulo when he suffered a stroke and three heart attacks 
  • Hours after arriving he was dining with a group of 'voluptuous' young women 
  • Recovered in hospital in city and was released today but ordered parties to go on without him as his family and friends visit him  


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