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Gene C

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Here is a listing display of various medals that can be awarded to Carver site! Members. Some medals when awarded will eventually get a pearl (meaning multiple).
senior-ribbon.png Senior: Member. 

moderator-ribbon.png Moderator.
mentor-ribbon.png Mentor: Tirelessly shares their knowledge with others.
samaritan.png Samaritan: Exemplifies the spirit of Rahu, dispositor of Karma.
builder-ribbon.png Site Builder: Major contributor to the Carver site! community.
karma.png Yin-Yang: Participated in audio Karma.
repair-ribbon.png Technician: Repair specialist.
ceebang-ribbon.png Cee-Bang!: Donated to fund Carver site! hosting.
featured-ribbon.png Featured: System.
carvermkII-ribbon.png Carver modified: Carver mk II, or self-modified owner.
billd-ribbon.png Bill D modified: Audio equipment owner.
digital-ribbon.png Digital: Specialist.
turntable-ribbon.png Turntable: Specialist.
scribe-ribbon.png Scribe: Expert on statistics and specifications.
zeropointe-pearl.png ZeroPointe: Black Pearl device for multiple award; audio tools owner.
DIY-ribbon.png DIY: Master builder.
jester-ribbon.png Jester.
tunesmith-ribbon.png Tunesmith: Master sleuth.
music-ribbon.png Music: Extensive varied collection.
greet-ribbon.png Greeter: Most welcoming to new members.
gear.png Roadshow: Gear custodian.
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