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My Latest Vintage System

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Even though I check in a lot - just to keep my OCCD condition healthy, I haven't been doing much. As a result of browsing, I've broken out with a rash of purchases lately that have started me rethinking my "man cave" system and thought I'd share because I appreciate the help and input from the experts here.
I was recluse for a bit because one of my kids came back through that darned revolving door on the front of my house and had taken over all of the space I was using for a man cave and work shop. He has now moved out - and so far I have been able to reclaim some of the space.
In the tradition of sharing pics... here is my current man cave that is "in development":
The speaks are vintage Klipsch Corwalls that I had re-capped ~3 yrs ago. I'm generally very happy with them but have considered biamping/triamping at some point just to see if I can make them even better. I know there are some very distinct opinions on biamping - but specifically - what about the Klipsch? As you'll see down the line, I already have the potential to do so (enough amps/power) and might only need an active crossover.
So much for the overall view... now the individual pieces:
Forefront - sitting on top of a Cornwall for now and currently powering both speakers is a very minty M-4.0T that is one of my recent finds. No mods and original caps, but it sounds spectacular. Very, very slight hum on both sides when idling. Question: Re-cap and install the many mods in the service manual?? I know many will say yes, but this thing sounds so good through the Cornwalls I hate the thought of taking it out of service.
 Also - in the back - a C1 that I recapped about 4 years ago at the same time BillD was working on his mods. I have not installed the brown dogs but I did purchase them before I had disassembled and stored my work bench. Just re-capping it had improved the performance 100%. Future project...yes!
Then, there is the Carver TL-3100 CD player that works fine since Z sent me a replacement drive belt a few years ago. Still going strong - thanks again Dom! I'm running it through a Xiang Sheng DAC - tube buffer just because I like the way it sounds.
At the bottom of the stack is a Carver M-0.5T that may be part of my potential tri-amp plan. I had recapped it a few years ago and it is a solid performer, albeit not as impressive as my other amps in terms of dynamics and, obviously, headroom.
Now, the really good stuff (IMO.) My VPI HW-19 turntable with Audio Quest 9 arm and Benz Micro gold moving coil cart. It has caused me to re-look at all of my vinyl in a new light.
I have some others not in use right now:
An older C1 that is stock and doesn't sound anything like the recapped unit I have in service, my M-500T that I MK II'd a while back and has developed a problem that needs attention and a CT7 that I bought from Kevin years ago - works great, just not using it right now.
Additionally, I have recently acquired a  Behringer EQ and DOD RTA. Not sure how I'm going to use these yet - either in the system or just for measurement fun, but they were not expensive and I am vulnerable! (Due to severe OCCD.)
Then, there is my DJ turntable which I use strictly for vinyl not worthy of the VPI (due to condition) and for 45's:
It's not in the pic, but I generally use the TT center weight I got from Rod on this table.
That's about where I am with the system in the "man cave" right now. I'm going to have some questions and comments about tri-amping and  measurement as I go along. Also, I've never had an EQ or tried to take measurements in real time so there will be questions and issues there. Also, ??'s regarding the long list of updates on the 4.0T.
But, for tonight, I need to put it on hold and think about what issues I've come across so far that concern future improvements.
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Very nice.  Did you get the DOD microphone with the RTA?  The manual says it's "special"...  The DOD is nice eye candy, if nothing else. 
This will be a nice thread to follow as you put it all together. 

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Very nice.  Did you get the DOD microphone with the RTA?  The manual says it's "special"...  The DOD is nice eye candy, if nothing else. 
This will be a nice thread to follow as you put it all together. 
No mic with the DOD - that's going to be one of my issues if I want to use it as intended. Does anyone have experience with this unit? It can also accept a standard mic through an auxiliary jack in the back panel, but  I think I'll be looking for one of the DOD mics at some point - or trying to find out if another of the many phantom powered measurement mics will work on it. 
I've been on the Audio Testing And Measurement site and they are mostly into app-based testing using a measurement mic and phantom power supply on a PC, but I thought I'd keep it old school and simple with the DOD. (And yes - it is a cool - looker in a rack!)

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