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"Amused to Death" has been my latest addition to the vinyl collection. Just listened this afternoon for the first time. Yes, it is everything that PF fans love. Incredible to me is the bass that is in the music. I rarely like bass this much. It is usually a thump session, but not here. Tonally speaking, it goes all the way down, making me wonder if a train was near, and then in the mid and upper bass, the pitch and definition was some of my favorite listening.

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The Yamaha CD-C600 is kaput (wrrr-glkk-wrrrr-glkk-wrrr-glkk). The old Carver CD/A-360 comes out of the closet, with its weird in-out -in-out -in-out sliding carrousel, tamed by  cutting power during the slide out, loading CDs, powering on,  slide in, select play. 😎



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