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12 minutes ago, Lyle Kirkpatrick said:

She's really good!


I think so too.  This is her latest studio album, produced by Keb Mo. It's one of my favorites of hers.


She's also tough as nails. On her last European tour, she was coping with breast cancer, and she didn't miss a rehearsal or show while also undergoing chemotherapy.



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Gregg Allman Live, Back to Macon GA. 


Look for this on your PBS station.



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Okay, let's start a fight.


This is so darn good, you know it is ❤️‍🔥


DSOTM - Redux


Seriously though, the trick is to try and think of it in its own space and not as a remake of DSOTM. At worst, think of it as a reinterpretation. 

Does anyone else like it, or do you hate the thing like most seem to do?


(PS - I'm not a fan of Waters' political views, and I know some dismiss his later works based on not caring so much for the man and his politics. Please try and avoid that here).



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4 minutes ago, Receiver2000 said:

So Max likes flute. That got him going. Nice system!!!

Thanks...it's quite a bit different now...


Yeah, the dog loves to hang out. Too bad I can't use "from a pet free home" in my for-sale ads. At least he doesn't smoke....

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