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What are you listening to?


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"'Heathen is about knowing you're dying. [...] It's a song to life, where I'm talking to life as a friend or lover."

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A little jazz tonight....



Heard this one for the first time at Axpona.... @Ar9Jim was playing it in the Carver room... :)




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8 hours ago, randog311 said:

Fleetwood Mac 





One of my all time favorites....under appreciated Fleetwood Mac song.

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12 hours ago, Receiver2000 said:

Bet those sounded good in the Carver room!!!! The Vail Johnson reminds me a little of Stanley Clarke.

Yes!  I had never listened to any Vail Johnson before....but, hearing that song, especially on the RAM285 and Maggie's  Jim had set up in the Carver room at Axpona was really cool.

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