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Music and CD player score

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I've been hitting the GoodWill stores a lot in the past week. Still waiting for that pristeen M500T amp but hasen't happened yet. One thing there is a lot of is CD players. I like to keep an eye out for older Sony ES stuff. A short while back I found a Sony DVP-7000 for cheap and that became my single play reference player, really sounds good.

 So today I stopped into my favorite store and they had a few of those big Sony carusel players. Never wanted one and still don't BUT one of them was filled with disc and jammed up. (I always check them for that) So I pull a few of the disc out and they really aren't what I'm looking for. Actually, most of the artist I never heard of. But it's a 200 disc player and seems like it has a lot of disc in it. So for 30 bucks I took home a Sony CX90ES filled with mystery disc. Get it home and pop the top off, sure enough there is a pile of disc that were jarred loose and laying inside. Pulled the loose ones out and reinserted them in some empty slots. Found a few more that needed to be reseated and fired it up. There must be close to 130 or more CD's!

So far it's been playing a lot of jazzy easy listening type music, good background stuff. I'm just letting it play and if I hear something I don't care for I'll pull it but so far so good. Like I said, it's excellent easy listening back ground music.

I'll pull some disc later and give you some of the artist names. Somebody really had a lot of money tied up in this.

Now I just have to figure out the controls.


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I went out for awhile tonight so I've only got through 3 CD's so far. So far it's all nice background music. It will take a while to get through them all but I'll just let it play when I'm around. Hopefully it's the gift that keeps giving. LOL

Over on the DIY forum they had a group buy for the Subbu DAC that I got in on. Purchased the assembled and tested boards, consist of the DAC board and a low noise PS. Not ready to try surface mount stuff so I paid the extra to let them do it. When it gets here I'll need to make a case for it and I'll try it on this player. Has digital output as well as a few of my other CD players. Should sound awesome on my Carver setup.


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Hi CT-Seven. The new to me CX90ES will probably just sit off to the side but hooked up to my system and used for background music. It's huge, I doubt it would fit into my rack, very long front to back. The DVP-S7000 will be my primary reference player that I'll run through my new DAC when it arrives. It will be interesting if I hear much of a difference with my old ears as I'm 57 and have spent my entire life around loud machinery, racing motorcycles and such. I'm hoping that it will though. Switching from my Denon 90WPC intergrated amp to my Carver C1 and PM600amp was an eye opener for sure. Not that it was so much more powerfull but that it was much more richer and more detailed. My guess is that my DCM speakers really needed the additional power to drive them.

I do have a Sony CDP-520ES from the mid 80's that has excellent build quality but no digital output. The DAC in it sucks big time. I find it very tiring to listen to. There is a mod that can be done to tap into it to get digital out. Someday I'd like to try that out. Uses the BU linear transport that is an engineering marvel.

Nice to have options.


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