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1996 interview of Bob Carver by Gordon Brockhouse

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I came across this in the 1996 interview of Bob Carver by Gordon Brockhouse:


GB: Your Theater Grand processor has some nifty ease-of-use features, such as the ability to set itself appropriately when you turn on a source. But it has a bunch of Carver-sque features as well. What does the video auto-correlator do?


BC: It's mostly for video tapes. It's a dynamic circuit that artificially extrapolates additional bandwidth that has been truncated by the VCR. It sort of reconstructs the signal. That is summed into the video circuits and presented to the CRT. If it's done artfully, it gives all the appearance of a much more sharply delineated picture without ringing - that little bright line around objects that you get when you turn the sharpness control up. There's a lot of what I call "psycho-optics" involved. 


GB: What do you mean by psycho-optics? 


BC: I mean fooling the eye into believing that there's more definition on the screen than is actually present in the program material.


Perhaps that's where "High Pixel Density Color Video Enhancement" was finally implemented? 

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