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I'm back.

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Hi Guys,
It has been a long time since I visited the site. Too many things going on with my sculpture and life. I purchased a Sony XBR65X-850C, 4K, 3D TV last week. The old one (10 years) just gave up, it started to cut off every few minutes and then cycle on again. Hard to watch TV that way. The new one is amazing. I also upgraded to the Dish Network Hopper and that install included a new HD satellite dish. Because these thin panels have a lack of great sound, I am now using the full theater as my sound source. We streamed 'Interstellar' over VUDU the other night and that soundtrack is really dynamic, it gave that whole system quite a work out. First time in a long time did I see the power lights rising on the amps. It was a chair shaking adventure.  The Oppo BDP 105 player that I have, has an upscaling feature that allows you to convert the standard blue ray to 4Kx2K. Now that is something to see. 
Nice to be back,
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I'm still here ...
Buying a  TV is quite the adventure nowadays. My last Sony blew up about a month after the warranty expired. I got the extended warranty with the new Samsung, and have high hopes.

It was a chair shaking adventure.
THIS is a chair shaking adventure ... 
A couple Aura Pro bAss Shakers in the lazyboy driven with a Dayton plate amp really get the bottom end jumpin' ... 
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