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M500t - Kudos

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I have a good friend who is now the proud owner of the M500t BarryG just sold. This amp had the MKII upgrade by Hashy in April 2013. Our initial test on a pair of Klipsch Corwalls was awesome. Good work guys! Awesome Amp!

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I hear that the M-500t matches well with the Cornwall's! I am glad you are pleased with the amp! I had this Amp driving one of my recently sold Maggie IIIa's.

Side by side It performed flawlessly next to Rich's final M-500t MKII. I decided to keep the RichP MKII as it may be more fragile with the main board repair. Rich did a good job fixing the fracture in the main board due to shipping damage.


That's why I over pad when I do the packaging! I try to double box when I can!


Enjoy the music!




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