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Favorite Cover Songs

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For me, I love a good cover where half way through the tune it hits me that I already have heard this before by another artist.  In my opinion, nobody did this better than Dylan, and I'm referring to Dylan covering Dylan.  The case in point was one live show where he was just about done playing Like a Rolling Stone before I recognized it.  He played it without the familiar chorus, or he just forgot it, lol. 
He covered this and owned  it:

Everyone who listens to music today, especially if you have kids under 18 know this catchy,  annoying little ditty by Taylor Swift.  Ryan borrows it and throws a warm blanket over it:

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Since this was recorded she has joined  "Trans Siberian Orchestra" and become one of their featured singer/soloists, also  check out her many You tube videos of 70's and 80's classics her favorite type of music, she covers Deep Purple/Glenn Hughes, Dio, Queen, Skid Row, White Snake, Europe, and many, many more, she just has a monster voice...........   
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