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Favorite Cover Songs

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Another favorite.  This version doesn't have the cool intro from the album -  "... if you're late again, the supervisor said we're going to put you on daily sign-in."  Love this cover...




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Like her or not..., Miley Cyrus has incredible vocal range, and talent across multiple genre's.  This cover is as haunting as the original...,   From the Howard Stern show, cover starts at about 2:20 if you are impatient...



Here's a live version..., Miley with her band.  It shows the vocals starting an octave higher, in contrast with the video above on Howard Stern..., "her vocal range..." just scary good.



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If you are about my age..., (guess)..., and you went to a lot of bars in your early 20's, and saw a lot of bands try to do Stones and Zeppelin..., you heard a lot of bad, maybe really bad, covers...


Compare that memory, to Miley and her band doing Black Dog...  Huge difference... much better..., (plus a production and show, around it).



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