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Babies and Kudos

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Well, I haven't been here much lately and for good reason.  Reading Casey's post made me think I should probably update you guys on my situation (excluding Bean.. He's heard all about it!).  After many IVF cycles, multiple miscarriages, and heartache beyond belief...we finally had our baby girl 3 weeks ago!  Miss Cameron is a blessing beyond imagination and I'm over the moon about it. 
In other news... I need to give mad props to BEAN.  He helped me make the transition to a dedicated HTPC in the theater room...as in..he built the HTPC and allowed me to bug him 20 times per day until I got it all lined out.  It is ridiculously fast!  Initially had a PLEX server running for whole home and KODI locally at the theater.  With the new PLEX home theater program, I found it to work much better in my situation and took KODI off of the machine.  It's all running like a top now and the wife is all kinds of happy that she can watch our library from anywhere in the house.  If anyone hasn't looked at Plex...I highly recommend it!
Gents.. that's about all I've got!  Hope everyone is having a great beginning to 2016!!
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This summer we need to get our families together at your place.


Pool, home theater, babies and maybe a sub build or two hehehehe

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