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The Carversite! Member Map Page:


Here's how it works:
In your User Profile, you must enter a valid location in ONE of these forms -
State name (Michigan)
State abbreviation (MI)
City and State (Detroit, MI)
Street address, city and state (100 Main, Detroit, MI)
Longitude and Latitude (38.37618, -87.38499)
The map is public, so if you don't want to share your exact location, then please don't specify it! You can get Longitude and Latitude coordinates from Google Maps for any place you think best (like the center of the city you live in), or just enter City and State.
View the map 'as a larger image' to open your Legend. To find members, you can search their name or pull down a list in your Legend pane. Press the spy glass (circled in blue) to search, or press the arrow (circled in yellow) to pull down a list of names. Click on a C! pin to pull up member information.




More information:
Your location will not show up automatically. Your member profile data must be imported into the map by an administrator, and you must have a post count. The member data will be imported periodically. If it's been a while, you can remind us in the Member Map Troubleshooting topic below.


If you've been a Member for a while and you are not pinned or cannot find your name, then you probably have an invalid location. You cannot use locations like 'somewhere in Ohio' or 'The Abyss'. Google Maps only pins things that it can find!


Have fun! 
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