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Artistic license or plagiarism!


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Clearly there are similarities , plagiarism imho NO! Bring a Zeppelin fan I may be biased!


That progression has been around long before spirit!


An aside! First time I heard stairway to heaven was live at Baltimores civic center (now royal farms arena) back in 1972! I was in tenth grade!





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Martin, I think your post more or less summed up this topic. I am a Led Zep fan. But please, the history of what they have lifted from other bands is well documented.


It's all good. We get some great toons. The bands (not that they are around anymore) get paid royalties they are due. Lets be honest if led zeppelin were not playing there stuff they would not have gotten anything for those songs. That said these guys are not alone when it comes to stealing stuff.

I almost fell over one day when I heard a rap song (not a rap fan) that had a recording of another band in the song. I have to imagine in that case the band that got lifted from had to have gotten credit, they didn't lift a line or a progression of notes, they took the song singer and all.


Then we have the clones, I know of at least a half a dozen bands that were "influenced" so strongly by another band that they sound just like them. In most of those cases they lifted much more than what is alleged here. Imitation is the strongest form of flattery. When you listen to the clone bands you can't help but think, "these guys sound just like....". I tell myself it's good advertising for the band they stole from and in a lot of instances they have some good songs that are not blatant rip-offs, but sound very much like the band they imitate.


I am not a musician but I have taken some classes in music theory and composition. I think if I did write music it would be heavily influenced by what I listen to. If I did it well people would say that sounds a little like X,Y and Z bands combined, but it would not be intentional. It would be the influence of everything I listen to. I think the same could be said for almost all bands.


So, artistic license or plagiarism, in this case I have to say plagiarism. But, even though I know it's wrong, I am O.K with it. As long as the correct people/bands get the credit and money they deserve. If anything Spirit should thank Led Zep for stealing their stuff. They will get a big payday and name recognition they would have never seen otherwise. Not to mention the increase in sales they must have gotten when they filed suit.


In the end I am the ultimate winner here. For the wrong doings of someone else I got, a) A great song to listen to. b) The name of a band that was good enough for Led Zep to steal from that I had never heard of before.


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