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Apple To Shut Down iTunes?

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Apple has been on the downward spiral ever since Steve Jobs passed.  
Nothing really innovative or game changing.
And I (and my family) own mostly "I" products.
Everyone has their day in the sun - Qualcomm, Nokia, Motorola, Apple, Samsung....
Who's next? 
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If Apple does decide to shut down iTunes and migrate solely to Apple Music streaming service I suppose I'll have to migrate my library into some other environment -- but what a gigantic pain in the butt it will be to re-tag with all new metadata because Apple's methods are proprietary.

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I guess its no surprise if the numbers shown are accurate.
I personally have never made a download purchase of music.
I prefer to have the CD, LP, etc.
But I do stream A LOT of music.
Probably 90% of my listening.
The other 10% is vinyl. 
My sons and their friends stream almost exclusively.
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