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It's been covered here: Carver-USA and Carver Holdings Group

 and before that here: Another CARVER gear startup

While we're on ther topic of Carver brand ownership...
Stumbled onto something the other day that's a bit of a head-scratcher:

"We now use Carver stuff and have since bought them out"
 The 'WE" in this case - BOSE!
The poster supposedly worked for Bose for at least 21 years.
Anyone know if there is an actual Bose chapter in Carver's history?
Or is it nothing more than some random forum bs from 13 years ago? 

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Anyone know if there is an actual Bose chapter in Carver's history?


The answer is yes, according to Mark Cerasuolo who worked for both companies (Bose in the 80's, Carver in the 90's).
He has posted about their relationship on the Vintage Hi-Fi and Stereo Equipment Facebook page. Here are a few quotes:
"I worked at Bose from 1985-88 and with the sales team distributing Carver electronics in the military exchanges...." 
"I sold Carver in retail when the line first came out. A few years later working at Bose I also worked with Carver; Bose both distributed Carver in the military exchange system and also had Carver build their professional amplifiers. In fact my MX-130 receiver has Bose-built wooden side panels, Bose made those to match the finishes on their speakers which sold with Carver electronics in bundled packages in the military PXs and audio clubs." 
"The later Bose professional amplifiers and electronics were made by Carver from the 80s until Carver sold the pro business in 1995 (I started with them then). There was a long relationship between the two companies, Bose's sales group distributed Carver electronics (and some other brands) in military exchanges and other special markets, and ran promotional packages with Bose /Carver systems with wood side panels made by Bose to match the speaker finishes-- oak finish 601s with oak Carver side panels, I have a Carver The Receiver Two, which has a pair of those side panels in the Bose finish...." 
And here's an article I found online:



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Z, the Google is strong with you. Been looking for that info for a week or more. The guy in the post seemed pretty credible but, Bose being Bose, was kinda worried about asking. So, when UM asked about Carver history, figured it was time. 
When you think about back in the day, what would have enough power for a set of 901s beyond Bob's stuff? But you know, hindsight is 20/20. Thanks for finding the info.
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