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Help On Unknown Carver Unit

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20161017223250793.jpg20161017222835303.jpgHi All,
 I'm new here and I'm hoping for a favor of any info on this Carver box. I received it from my younger brother after his passing 3 yrs. ago.
  It measures 18" long (width), 7 3/4" Tall and 6 1/2" Deep. It appears to have 2 speakers in it but is very heavy for its size! Weighing in at 16 lbs. The only tag on it is the Carver tag on top front (you can't read in pics). I removed the input jack assembly on the rear and the only thing behind it is heavy insulation. I'm unfamiliar with the type of input jacks. They look to me like maybe  RCA jacks plug in then you tighten down the outer nuts for a secure/tight connection??
 What I am hoping to learn is exactly what this unit is, a model number if at all possible and maybe when it was made and how much it may be valued at. By the weight of it, it must be much more than just a speaker box with 2 small speakers. Maybe some type of amp??? Or???
  I sincerely appreciate any help that anyone can give! Thanks so much! 
>>It appears that only 1 of my pictures can be added as I've uploaded 3 pics a couple times each now and only 1 of them shows??????????? HELP!!! 
PS> I20161017222318738.jpg 
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Those are binding posts, you unscrew the barrel nut and there is a hole in the threaded stud to stick the bare wire through and then tighten the nut to clamp the wire. You can also use wires with spade or pin lugs. Additionally you can use banana plugs and insert them into the end of the post (note the hole in the post when looking from the top).

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