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TFM-24 User Manual FOUND.


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I saw that the library lacks the TFM-24 manual, if anyone is interested, I have sent to Zumbini to put it here on the forum, because to me the uploader continues to give internal server error.
(Sorry my bad english) 
Best regards to you all.
Leonardo (Italy) 

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No need to apologize.  In fact, multiple versions are worth uploading and reviewing.  
I personally have 3 different versions of the C-500 manual, and 2 versions of its Service Manual. There are variations between them. Often there are different printings, with updates between them, too.  It's a forensics challenge to collect all the data - keep on sending yours in.
I just organized my documentation archives (Paper Files) and found 3 different versions of the M1.0t original manual... 
Zumbini, I'd be happy to review for deltas, and try to describe them in some kind of index when we have multiple versions in the library, when we get to the new site, when we have multiples. 
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