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The Drummers of Frank Zappa

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The Drummers of Frank Zappa
Roundtable Discussion and Performance
This DVD features performances and interviews with some of the best drummers to work with Frank Zappa: Terry Bozzio, Chester Thompson, Chad Wackerman, Ruth Underwood, and Ralph Humphrey.
"It has always been a dream of mine to get some of my favorite Zappa drummers together to talk about our experiences, all for the benefit of an audience who might learn from and be entertained by it. I am truly grateful to have been able to assemble my respected friends Ralph, Chester, Ruth, and Chad for this release. To have been able to jam together was a bonus and a true delight.
We have so much in common, but we also have very different viewpoints about how playing with Frank was for us individually. Here you can get first-hand accounts of where we came from, how we got the gig, funny stories, and our feelings and insights about the man. Overall, we touch on what it was like for each of us as we were put through our paces, working for the multi-talented genius that Zappa was.
We all have wildly diverse backgrounds, and played with him for different lengths of time, under different rules, times, and frameworks spanning a 30-year period. However, we all seem to agree that this was a truly special, unique, and most important gig in our lives. Certainly, it was the most challengingly difficult, beautifully different, and poignantly hilarious music any of us had ever encountered! We feel like we are in a small and exclusive club, and were damned lucky to have been invited to be a part of it!" ~Terry Bozzio
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