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CARVER AMP CM-1040 (or CM-1065) Service Manual

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I am new to CARVER.

Someone brought me a  CARVER CM-1040. It does not work properly. I was looking for a Service Manual. Apparently it is very rare and cannot be found freely on the web or at the variety of manuals suppliers as a decent price.

Maybe someone can help me to get me on board the CARVER family.

Thanks a million (not dollars emsmiled.gif ) .


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Thanks everybody,.

yes. I was also hoping that the CARVER CM-1090 would have some resemblance to the CARVER CM-1040 and CARVER CM-1065. Unfortunately they are not. I will try my luck at ebay. Maybe I convince one manual holder to send me a scan instead of buying the shipping the original manual which I don’t really need …


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The 1090 looks like an HR-752 with it's tuner subtracted, and meters instead of the fl display. 

The 1040 looks more like a TFM-15 with a preamp added, and a display instead of meters.


Neither looks Chinese to me.



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Neither looks Chinese to me.

Good call, Robert.   
I don't recall where I heard or read that the CM line, (1040, 1065, 1090) were made in China.  There's a review here (LINK) that says the 1090 was made in China.  Online images of the 1090 back-panel show "Made in Japan."  And, the rare few images of 1065 and 1040 models don't seem to have a "Made in ___" label.
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