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Wishing TNRabbit were still with us.

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All of the mods are working our way through the multitude of topics and threads on the site, fixing broken links, re-formatting damaged posts, and archiving outdated material.  One of the real problems I run into while doing this, is I forget what my mission is, and find myself reading the posts and threads I'm cleaning up.  I know, it sounds silly, but trust me - it's hard to stay on task.


Recently, while performing my task, I found myself reading some of Gary's (TNRabbit) old posts, and found myself wishing the man were here to see the new site.  Left me feeling pretty sad actually, so I went and dug up a video he posted long ago - The video in question happens to be one of the first things I looked at when I was cruizing the site as a newbie.  It still remains one of the coolest music videos, IMHO.


Rest In Peace, Gary - Wish you were here....




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I agree, Gary was one of the first to Welcome me here, this was when he lived in southern Maryland. He had invited me down to his place to check out his setup!  That was when I got sick and I never made it before he moved away! I was offline a year after serious surgery!  


I am glad I finally met him at CF15.  He and BillD are missed greatly!



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I still have his phone number, and remember the last time we talked.  I was thinking about going active with my speakers and was talking to him as he was the expert on the subject.

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Yes Gary was a special person. Extremely friendly with a lot of knowledge and experience. I remember being at one of his Carver get together's. He made everyone feel welcome and relaxed. I too was shocked when he left us. Continue to R.I.P. Gary.

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