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RichP714's setup


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Old pictures (it's still inwork, and I'm busy doing mk II's for now, so it's on hold). I've since installed the top two M-1.0t mk II's (as in my avatar) and the surround speakers. Still have to do the surround back speakers and a DIY sonotube/wave cannon sub.


The Chain
Digital Source
Oppo BDP-83SE
Analog Source
Other Sources
DIY media server
Signal Processors
Carver C-9, BBE 2002R, Rane AD 22B, dbx 14/10, dbx 3BX-DS, dbx SNR-1, dbx 120x, Rane AC 23B, Velodyne SMS-1, Audiocontrol SA-3050A
Pre Amp
Sunfire TGP-IV
Power Amp
M-500t Mk II (X4), M-1.0t Mk II (X3), M-1.0Mk II opt. 002 (X1)
Klipsch Cornwall II (X4), Klipsch RF-3 II (X2), Klipsch RS-3 II (X4), Klipsch RC-3 II
Klipsch KSW-12
Speaker Cables
DIY 10 gauge
Power Cables
System Rack
DIY rack rails integrated with home entertainment center
Power Conditioning
Tuning and Tweaks
Other Components





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Yes, all are mk II amps. I don't know if the lights dim; I haven't opened her up yet; she's still in progress, although the dynamics WILL snap your head back and the bass will ALMOST breathe for you (subwoofer coming). While they were building I had them put two dedicated 30A outlets (front left/right) the rest are on 'regular' house breakers.

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Yes, three on bottom are intake, three on top are exhaust; I still need to close up the gap on top and bottom with rack mount blanks and put the door back on

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Well, the great thing about Carver mag field stuff; at idle it just sips current. e.g. the M-1.0t mk II (33VDC bottom rail, 115VDC top rail) is a 400W amp, but behaves like a 110W amp unless it has to.


Add to that, I'm tri-amping my system (which theoretically cuts power requirements by four) and don't have to go much above 5 watts to reach concert levels (my speakers are high sensitivity)


The meter is in another room, but I doubt it would spin faster.

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Looking at that stack of amps, I was wondering what your better half has to say about that? I think it's great, myself.


There's room above the tv set that needs filling...

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There's also a 3BX-ds, SNR-1 and 224X that aren't in the rack. It looks like I'm not going to get into Carver Amazing style planar magnetics, so I'll probably get rid of the Rane eq's and get at least the C-9 and 3BX back in there.......

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