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What an incredible experience I enjoyed at Carverfest 2018 !!

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Carver fest 2018


I havn’t had a moment to express how great of time and experience I enjoyed at attenting Carverfest 2018. Everyone there was increadibly  warm and welcoming  to me, and I felt right at home . I was finally able to meet not only My Hero,  Bob Carver,  But all the other names and friends  that I’ve met  and have spoken on phone , or through emails an such while on the site. There so many people I caught up with,  it would take some time to name them all, But ,  That was the main reason I wanted to attend so as to meet all person attending.

Bob Carver, is the one of the nicest man I’ve ever met,  when meeting  him, he makes you feel as  if you have know him for years . To see him in action was an incredible experience for myself.  To listen and see how comitted he is in making the finest tub amp for us,  and how increadible sharp and focused he was working on the tube amp project. If anyone has has every thought of going,  I would highly recomend it. You will meet some of the nicest and generous people willing to share there knowledge and insight, and make you feel right at home  in all the different cabins where each had set up one of there audio system to listen and experience.  That for me was also a great event, because I don’t know of anyone on the west coast that I can  catch up and listen to there system. It was also great to see how everyone came together and worked extremely hard puffing all the the Carverfest Tube amp Kit together, so no one walk away missing anything. I thought that  a week might be to long, but it went bye in a flash and I had a great time and experience that will not  soon be forgotten.


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1 hour ago, SteveK said:

Always great to see new faces at Carver Fest.

Agreed Steve, every face I saw there was a new face,(there were a couple that were pretty hard to look at not mentioning any names like I promised Doug.. ?.)  and all were smiling and enjoying their time together like long lost family. "Drinking a little wine, eatin' a little cheese" and working on a goal.     

  David, maybe a thread for ideas in temporary absorption to take your room up a couple of notches on the cheap is in order. The look on your face when you heard it was great.

  And Steve....I copied your  and "The" Ravens most excellent example. That was the day after Harry and Mark helped lead me through putting the first half of the amp together which was a class for me, thanks to you 2 I gained in soldering and reading schematics and your half of our build was right! Reading Robert's directions, looking at pictures and the next day going and looking at the example and copying it, WTH!!??? I built a working tube amplifier?!! I can hardly believe that Bob Carver was able to design something that Doug and I were able to build as complete novices. Dnspy007's first completed amp was playing when I walked in and was sounding sweet after Hashey stood back as he flipped the switch for the first time. First time people!!! So cool|-|  as Arnold says ah'll be bak and I hope all of you will too.

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We're glad you had a great time. CarverFest is the premier audio event of its kind in North America. Alot of work has been done by the Senior Members over the past 12 years to perpetuate the event and make it what it is today and we appreciate you participating.     



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