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A Star Is Born


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I saw it tonight and loved it.   Although talented either way, I find Stephanie Germanotta (Lady Gaga without the outlandish makeup)  much more appealing.  

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I saw it and thought it was a pretty good story. Bradley Cooper is a great actor. Lady Gaga should drop the stage name and just go with a simple version of her name. She can sing and she can act.

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My wife's Girl's-Night-Out had two cancelations, so I tagged along last night.  


Wow, that was a good movie.  Bradley Cooper directing it took it way deeper than I expected. He took it well over 2 hours w/o cutting/sacrificing critical connections in the story.  Stunning performances by Lady Gaga and Cooper.  The music was excellent.  Without being a spoiler, I can say it's a hard blow-of-reality-right-between-the-eyes-story of shitty manipulative people, fame and alcoholism.  Sitting in the audience, I could almost feel the adrenaline rush Gaga experienced (portrayed) on the stage in that first performance.


Glad I don't drink much anymore.


Dennis, thank you for starting this thread, and driving my interest to see it.

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