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I will sure post pics soon. looks like I need to load them and point a URL so I'll see if I can get some time this week to add a page to my personal website. 

I have 4 of the M500t's running my aging 5.1 home theater. I run one on the center ( only one channel now that it is a MKII... It was mono prior to). One is running the two two rear and I use one bi-amped to my Martin Logan Aerus I's. They were running Mono on the Martin Logan's prior to Greg's magic. They are absolutely amazing Bi-amped now.

The 5th M500t is a spare for now since I picked up a second pair of Silver 7t's


The Silver 7t's are running two pair of Carvers in my vinyl/ music room. I only run one pair of speakers at a time though. One pair is the original Amazings with the amp killer ribbons. The second set is a pair of the ALSIII plus. Both are amazing in their own way. 

I use a gunfire theater grand II for the phono and CD in the room and found an SD-490t last year that is the most beautiful cd player I have ever heard!.

The turntable is an old ADC Accutrac 4000. 


The M4.0t's are going to be used for another project when I get the one I fried back. 


I have a very understanding wife!



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@67bird You should be able to post pictures now. Just drag and drop into your post or 'choose file' to upload them. The 'Inbound' rank for new users doesn't allow file uploading - but you're past that now so congrats! =D=


Also, start your own topic so it's all about you! (Go to Members Resources then to Members Systems)



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